By foreseeingabreakup - 06/09/2011 04:42 - United States

Today, I had to explain in great detail why it is inappropriate for my boyfriend to grab at my vagina in public. He did it again twenty minutes later. FML
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Social retardation is a problem. Can be cured though I think..


Social retardation is a problem. Can be cured though I think..

almariee 2

never go out with him in public ;) there's your solution :p

fthislyfe 22

What was the details of your explanation?

24- it was, I might get real horny and wet and I'd make you do me in public, and that's why he did it again

Give him a nice backhand to the wingdings next time he does it

cudi504 4

The only real cure is a blunt object to the back of the head and a shovle... or at the very least castration so that his genes doesn't infect the world.

Some of the posters are mad blowing this out of proportion or just don't like ******. The bf is just petting his pussy, no harm done.

hawaiianfire 0

I don't think he's retarded, he just hasn't gotten his nut for the day. Maybe OP should take care of that before they went in public :P

Oh my, that's gross. And why is he doing that? Does he have any explanation for that?

13FTW 9

I'm surprised he waited a whole twenty minutes

Not that I think it's okay or appropriate, but if my bf did that to me in public I would probably get a little horny and start acting frisky myself. Though.. there is a time and a place for everything. I would definitely rather him do it discreetly if we were in public.

Cynical_in_SK 6

No...I'm afraid there is no cure for retardation of any kind. Ignorance can be cured...but stupidity...especially when it's to the point of forever.

You're boyfriend is way too embarrassing :) threaten him playfully

Saved yourself from a bitchy grammar nazi :)

Damn it, #2. I'll get you next time. I will be back.

NAZI'S UNITE!!'re talking about a different type of nazi,huh? Shit.

141, I'm afraid you're not invited to the grammar Nazi party, as you misused that apostrophe. :(

KatherineAnne 7

Some guys are pigs. If he's worth dating, deal with it. If not dump him. Mine is too but he's worth it :)

That wouldn't faze him in the slightest...?

I don't think you've thought that through, it makes her look like a ****..

marpay 11

Grab his junk and scream. "This is my man! This is where my babies come from!" What celebrity did that, because I can't remember.

zeddeiram 0

20, that was lois from family guy..

xcrashxloved 0

He would most likely try for some public sex if she did q:

Lois from family guy.... how can u NOT know that!?

Probably because family guy is stupid.

13FTW 9

Obviously family guy is not stupid if Lois is now a celebrity...

Lay off the explanation. A solid kick to his right-nut might just do the trick.

marpay 11

Just a little knowledge Lois from family guy did it to make fun of the actual celebrity who did it. After some research it turns out it was faith hill who yelled it at a fan who grabbed her husband at an awards show.

SolemnlyLove 7

ydi for dating a social retard...

sceneblondie 8

Lmfao I had the same problem with my bf XD and he's not a retard >:/

kiakia0131 23

"Retard" should not be used to insult someone.

scarletteletters 0

Same problem.. Retard shouldn't be used as a insult ever. Smh.

GlitteryMasakali 1

Hey 9, your picture is funny :D

HomelessMuslim 0

Waffl3z I see a relationship between us.

GlitteryMasakali 1

68 - It seems you're full of racism and misunderstanding about Muslims? That's not nice.

Can be contagious and highly infectious if left untreated!

jarednt39 5

10- your picture is hilarious !

Badab1ng 5

10- you're picture is ******* stupid. That is all.

I agree that your picture is so true cause this country is a toilet.

burninnapalm 5

Except There is no way he could have spent the 2 trillion dollars after he was out of office for three years... After 6 months, it's all the new president retards.

#103 That's cause your a fuc*ing moron. So shut the fuc* up(:

GlitteryMasakali 1

You MUST be single with that attitude...

Seriously, unless he's 40, give it a rest! Young couples are to act like that, unless she's a prude. In that case do him a favor and dump him so he can find a girl who enjoys that kind of attention.

Young couples like to grab each other's ******'s in public? I've never seen that

^^ haha you can see her ugly through the light wash in her photo!

sylverdrag_fml 9

Each other's ******? Hmmm, so this would be only for lesbian couples?

Young or not. It's just not okay to grab at a vaj in public!? She's not a prude she just has class.

XXXsceneXXXkidzX 5

OP's name totally makes this for me.

Dont deprive a man of his natural desires!

Glitterhinoceros 14

You should stab him with a freshly sliced orange peel.. In the eye.