By RandomLG94 - 31/10/2015 20:35 - United States - Columbia

Today, I was fired from my job because I would "scare" the customers. Two days ago a coworker spilled fry oil onto the grill causing flames to singe my eyebrows and the front of my hair off. FML
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Sue your workplace twice for not protecting you and then discriminating against you

cant you get your job back because your looks cant be reason to fire someone.


Sue your workplace twice for not protecting you and then discriminating against you

You should have a really good case. One, you had a workplace injury, and Two, you were disfigured, even if it is temporary. Sounds like two protected classes to me. A really nasty thing that they pulled. They could always have given you a behind the scene job until you healed.

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Yeah. My dad is a worker's compensation lawyer and I mentioned this FML to him. Said it was a pretty strong case.

Yep, they've already proven that the injury was bad enough that it could cause you to lose a job when they fired you for it.

cant you get your job back because your looks cant be reason to fire someone.

in most places in the United States the workplace has the "right to fire" meaning they don't need a reason. It's like that where I am.

Yes 31, however they can't usually fire you for something they themselves caused. This is why it's sad that corporations have managed to convince workers that unions are evil and worthless.

They cannot discriminate on looks, though.

Sad to hear of these unfair reasons for being fired. Try to sue them, is this even legal?

they fired the wrong deserve better OP

I'm wondering what their reasoning of how you would scare the customers is

The FML mentioned that a coworker spilled oil creating flames, which singed his eyebrow and made part of his hair fall off.

Ya but would that really scare the customers? Unless it's really small children ordering (which I doubt since it's a fast food place). I think most customers would figure out what probably happened and would laugh it off if anything. I highly doubt some customer is going to go crying to the manager that their employee is "too scary" and should be fired.

Totally agree with that. The whole burning of hair was a terrible reason to fire him.

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#23 you clearly aren't familiar with the pettiness of modern America. There have been tons of FMLs about people not being hired or losing their jobs in customer service because they're not attractive enough. One was about a waiter who lost his job because a kid cried that he looked scary. There have been a lot of studies on the bias against people who aren't attractive.

who cares if you look like the Grinch? They're supposed to pay for food and take it from you. Idiots..

Don't people tend to draw their eyebrows on now a days anyways so it wouldn't really matter if you actually had real eyebrows

Based on the post date, I'm surprised they fired you before Halloween. It sounds like you looked downright festive.

You can, and should, due the place for negligence. If you haven't gotten workers compensation, you should go after what you are owed.

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17, every job I had demands you sign up for Worker's Comp the same day of the accident to ensure it was work related, before the line gets too muddy to tell. OP would have needed to get workers comp the same day it happened. If OP does not have workers comp, it will be hard to sue/get reinstated.

21—unfortunately, not all employers are as above board as the ones you've worked for (and you're lucky you've worked for the good ones!). There are a lot of really shady people out there, which is why there are labor codes and such to protect workers. OP needs to fight this.