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  Gringe  |  1

Its the lip gloss that makes u shed wait!

Also, since u cant talk guys wont know ur stupid enough to do something us dumb as... Lets say glue ur mouth shut


37-Read the Commenting Policy. If the mods care enough to put 'TXT language and out of context comments are forbidden' then it matters.

Honestly, why must we go through this so often?

  _Oblivion_  |  12

37, If your comment looks like complete horse shit then yes, alot of people care. We like to be able to read the comments people make. If some twat decides to write in a 'txt language' you will be achnolaged as an illiterate moron. Sit the fuck down there's no arguement you can win with that comment.


88.. I see your point- if your comment looks like an illiterate wrote it then yes, it's annoying. However, if you're gonna go on a rant about how people care and to rip someone a new one, please, spell your words correctly as you will just look like an idiot yourself.

  kyleekay  |  25

1- If I were OP, I'd be proud, because her daughter just discovered the most effective way to shut teenage girls up. >:)

And before all the "omgzz teens are SO not that bad!" comments start coming in, I'm only kidding around.

  Riturz  |  4

It's probably a good thing that she stopped talking for a bit... obviously, there's some space for rent in that head and not enough room for thought.
Sorry OP.

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

Gosh, it irks me when I see so many retarded and irrelevant assumptions being thrown around. Why would OP's daughter have downs and OP just happens to forget that important detail?

  TehKritter  |  1

104 - 17 year old girls tend to be the dumbest at that age. I would know.... I was a 17 year old girl once. Thankfully I had more common sense then most of the girls I knew...

  YoshiMike13  |  4

#108 i agree with you 100%. humans are just stupid in general. im surprised that im even in a relationship right now because idk how people like me cuz i just dislike what the human race has become.

  Achall91  |  17

104 I'm pretty sure your the only one who thought that. And your comment is pretty stupid too. Or did you not know that teenage girls comments could get buried too?


Hey, her comment may not have been the greatest but that is no reason to go down to the level of calling out features just to be the 'funny' person. Bravo. You've made yourself look like a righteous d***.