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Today, my 17-year-old daughter's friend told her that superglue works well as lip gloss. She tried it. FML
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at least you now know if she's been kissing any boys


I bet she was speechless when she found out it wasn't.

Its the lip gloss that makes u shed wait! Also, since u cant talk guys wont know ur stupid enough to do something us dumb as... Lets say glue ur mouth shut

**** It's, you, weight, you, can't, won't, you're, as, let's, your. WTF

32 - yeah because no one would be able to tell your lips are stuck together. Genius idea.

37-Read the Commenting Policy. If the mods care enough to put 'TXT language and out of context comments are forbidden' then it matters. Honestly, why must we go through this so often?

37, If your comment looks like complete horse shit then yes, alot of people care. We like to be able to read the comments people make. If some twat decides to write in a 'txt language' you will be achnolaged as an illiterate moron. Sit the **** down there's no arguement you can win with that comment.

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88- a lot*, acknowledged*, argument*... Wow

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She probably thinks its another kind of "glue"

This honestly made my day :) Would love to see this happen!

88.. I see your point- if your comment looks like an illiterate wrote it then yes, it's annoying. However, if you're gonna go on a rant about how people care and to rip someone a new one, please, spell your words correctly as you will just look like an idiot yourself.

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#34 HAHA!! I was thinking the same exact thing!! That's funny!

I admit I made a few mistakes myself. My point still stands though. Damn nearly checked it 3 times haha

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1- If I were OP, I'd be proud, because her daughter just discovered the most effective way to shut teenage girls up. >:) And before all the "omgzz teens are SO not that bad!" comments start coming in, I'm only kidding around.

150-This is a dumb teen tho, ur comment need not be a joke

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Is your daughter a bit over weight by any chance? Lol maybe her friend told her it worked as a good lip gloss that helped you lose weight.

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It's probably a good thing that she stopped talking for a bit... obviously, there's some space for rent in that head and not enough room for thought. Sorry OP.

You would think the parents would have taught their daughter not to do that.

at least you now know if she's been kissing any boys

...from trying the "special" form of lip-gloss?

Gosh what a predictable assumption. Blonde jokes are so 1998

No God no! The cover alone of that film gave me nightmares!!

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Technically no 2 because super glue drys fast. Therefore no boy or girl will stick to the lips.

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39- Why does she have to blonde to do something like that?!

Ive heard that superglue was first made for use in vietnam war as a way to quickly seal cuts. I guess that explains why it dries on skin almost instantly.

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53- gee, thanks for reminding me of that. Not like I needed sleep or anything anytime soon.

No problem ^ , sleep is overrated anyway. To everyone else: I wasn't suggesting she do that, but merely that it was a possible risk!

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At least you won't have to listen to her obviously genius explanations.

Silence is golden Duct tape is silver And superglue is shiny

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I want to thumb this up but it's at 79, so conflicted. :/

To quote Ron White "that'll shut her up… for now"

I know a few people who should start glueing their mouths shut though.. Thanks for the idea OP.

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I can't tell if your daughter is gullible or just dumb

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Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.

It doesn't sound like that friend is very nice for doing that. She should know if the OPs daughter would have done it since they were friends.

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I can't imagine how painful it would be to try and get your lips apart after that.

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Maybe being fed through a needle wouldn't be so bad.

Not painful at all, if you wash off the superglue with acetone, commonly found in nail polish remover!

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Tell me your daughter's friend isn't 17 also...

ImmaB3AST 7

She could have a friend that's like 3. Haha Idk! Or maybe she has downs! Ya never know!

Gosh, it irks me when I see so many retarded and irrelevant assumptions being thrown around. Why would OP's daughter have downs and OP just happens to forget that important detail?

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Ahh **** me. I read it wrong the whole time. I thought the daughter's friend was the one who did the glue thing for whatever reason. My mistake.

Us 17 year old girls lol and everyone thought that girls couldn't do stupid things like the boys can

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104 - I've always thought both genders are stupid. Well... Humans in general.

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#104, No, I'm pretty sure everyone knew girls can do stupid things.

104 - 17 year old girls tend to be the dumbest at that age. I would know.... I was a 17 year old girl once. Thankfully I had more common sense then most of the girls I knew...

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#108 i agree with you 100%. humans are just stupid in general. im surprised that im even in a relationship right now because idk how people like me cuz i just dislike what the human race has become.

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104 I'm pretty sure your the only one who thought that. And your comment is pretty stupid too. Or did you not know that teenage girls comments could get buried too?

155 I'm a 17 year old teenage girl and ik we do stupid stuff :) thanks for coming and have a nice day

This situation is exactly where "Prove it" needs to be said.

I wonder if she gets her dumb genes from her mother or her father?

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You obviously get your genes from a duck and snake by the looks of that nose.

Hey, her comment may not have been the greatest but that is no reason to go down to the level of calling out features just to be the 'funny' person. Bravo. You've made yourself look like a righteous d***.

#118 **** off and leave me alone fucktard

Just leave me alone. My comment was a joke, no need to put me down and make fun of how I look. God.