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Today, I found out that my lover and boyfriend of over 5 years has me listed in his contacts as "Vagina". FML
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I think that would be classified as lust, not love.

well, time for payback! list him as ****** as well, it'll be hilarious

I'm pretty sure that after 5 years, if it's stayed monogomous, then it's just a joke. You don't only use someone for no other reason by staying with them for 5 years.

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#59 You're right. I love my boyfriend, but at some point he was listed in my phone as Booty Call, This Asshole, or Your Stupid Boyfriend Taylor. It could very easily just be a joke, OP. You can still say something to him about it if it bothers you, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. And on the off chance that it wasn't a joke and he's just a dick, **** him, you'll find someone better.

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64 - I'm fairly certain that OP has, in fact, been ******* him for 5 years.

Talk to him, it could be a friends joke. Consultation is key :)

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At Least If someone Had His Phone & Wanted to Text His Girlfriend Something Stupid They would Just think your a Booty Call?^-*

At least he didn't list her as "boner garage"

#89 Why Do you decide To Type like This?

I really feel like he was only joking. He obviously hasn't always had her late as ******, she would've notice somewhere in the 5 years. He probably just changed it as a joke. Just my guess.

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It probably was a joke, I don't see how that could be serious. Although she did put it on FML so who knows.

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That's ****** awesome! Lol love it! Gonna put my gf as ****** now :D

and you sound like you'd be a blast at parties. 5 years, the guy is obviously just being stupid.

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I don't think objectifying your girlfriend of 5 years is funny. It'd be one thing if it was an inside joke or something but it sounds like she knew nothing about it and that's pretty screwed up.

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Holy shit just stfu, this is what makes you females so ******* annoying. It's funny, she probably laughed it off and got the **** over it.

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25-you need to stop being self-centered and so egotistical of yourself. And it's not funny but just stupid and immature.

We're annoying because we react badly about being called something we either A.) never knew about or B.) dislike? Yep. I see where saying "No" and "I don't like that" make us annoying. With that logic, I'm sure you won't mind me calling you an asshole.

I don't think she got over it and laughed it off if she wrote an FML about it. It's pretty disrespectful and not funny at all. That's what makes men like you so ******* annoying. You don't realize that real women don't like being disrespected and objectified.

I mean, I would probably laugh...and then change every name in his phone to ****** (because I am a girl and I am crazy and do crazy things sometimes)...have fun figuring out who is who! (whoa, all the previous comments are gone!)

I'll probably get down voted, but I don't think it's really the end of the world... he could've called her "bitch," "****," or other rude words. He could've labeled her as one of many girls be texts. ****** isn't the worst that could've happened. And all of this is coming from a girl...

#43 So you'd be cool with your boyfriend calling you ****** behind your back?

Chill people. If it wasn't a joke, he probably wouldn't be with her for 5 years.

#78 I would be fine with that. I'm married AND have a sense of humor. I agree with #3, #43 and think #41's response is brilliant. Also #41 if he didn't have any work contacts in his phone i would change a few of the words in his auto correct spelling as revenge, to '******'. Like 'car' or 'house' lol. Just a few subtle words that leave him saying 'WTF'. Revenge is sweet. Much better than over-dramatizing everything.

Or give them random names. Or change the names around. But that's a brilliant idea.

78- in my relationship, my boyfriend have a quote: "you're a douche, but I love you." We're able to do this thing called teasing each other, without one of us crossing the line or freaking out. I feel like a relationship is healthy with jokes and teasing, like best friends do. Maybe I'm just young and dumb though. I agree with 80.

#98 I get that but what I'm saying if you read my comment is that it's not a joke or something funny between the pair if one of them is clueless about it. That's when it's hurtful and screwed up. You can't have an inside joke if one person isn't in on it. Duh.

*Sees joke* *Likes joke* *Uses joke with himself* *Becomes inside joke with himself* It's really not that hard. A inside joke is a joke not many people know about. He may be the only one who knows, or it could be a big joke with all his buds who call their girlfriends vaginas.

Either way 107, is it really something to be so upset about? Like I said earlier, it could've been a lot worse. I feel like people blow things out of proportion, which might be why some relationships don't work. You should be able to share a laugh with your boyfriend. Then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. "Duh."

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Then list him as Mr head, Dick Head.

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52: Then it has triple meaning.

yeah and that can be your gys little insider lol

We have a conservation officer where I live named Richard Head. Yes, That is his legal name. And he lives up to it.

99 - Does he know Mike Litoris or Mike Hunt by any chance?

That's not nice. I'm sorry, that's got to hurt your feelings. It's ok, keep your head up and have a laugh. It'll help you get over it.

Either your first name is ******, or he is a dick.

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Is your name Virginia by any chance

Do not down vote or up vote this. Keep it at 69.

Don't tell me what to do! *is upvoter #70*

He feels that he owns that part of your body now, you have been together for 3 long years. Haha well seriously that really sucks, you should talk to him and ask for respect if he only wants you for your pussy its time to find another man who's worth it and respect you for who you are.

11-- you actually have some good points, but you missed some of the facts.

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