By Partners - 22/06/2015 19:55 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, my boyfriend introduced me to his friends as his "sex partner." FML
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Tell them about how eats the booty like groceries


Tell them about how eats the booty like groceries

Lol don't forget to mention he also eats the ass like cheesecake!

I think a better reply would be, "I mean, if his penis was bigger, then yeah, maybe."

I just don't see how any of these things are bad.

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Neither do I 50. Their sex lives must be boring :p

Introduce him as your desperate regretful rebound and stop messing with him .

Murilirum 23

My white shirt was lacking a coffee stain, thank you for fixing that issue for me.

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I thought it was rather sweet of him. He seems very thoughtful.

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Or.. "Are you in a shitty situation!? Don't worry! Just dump 'em!"

The solution for everything is ending the relationship, obviously. Communication is overrated. /sarcasm

You deserve respect. what an asshole.

Why does this comment have a bunch of down votes? OP DOES deserve respect, and obviously this asshole isn't giving it to her if he claims she's just his "sex partner"

It was a joke I'm guessing. If they're truly his friends they probably know about her already. I would of laughed and went along if it had been my boyfriend. Some of you need to lighten up.

Its better than "one of my sex partners" I dunno but I personally wouldn't be offended it would be like him calling you his lover. Then again I'm pretty vulgar and don't take shit too seriously.

Lol I think you two need to have a chat because one of you is Confused.

Just have sex and stop in the middle to break this partnership


That's when you speak up saying, "Actually, he won't be getting any for a bit."