By canadiankc - United Kingdom
Today, I was at the waterpark. I decided to go down a slide shaped like a funnel. On the way down, my bikini bottom untied. Then I got lodged in a V shape, arse first, in the hole at the funnel exit, exposing myself to the entire pool until I could slither out. FML
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  My2864  |  1

arrent you doing the same right now?
your comment isnt helping the OP one bit
so basicly your trollin' the trolls
thats steriotype dude.. :-/

By  kimpylump  |  0

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Actually, no.
1.) How do you know she's fat?
2.) Beauty is very, VERY subjective.
3.) 95-98% Of diets fail no matter how hard the person works to keep the weight off. ((Believe me, I study this stuff... There are studies proving it.))
4.) I'm fat and I love being fat. 5.)I can wear any goddamn thing I want and you can't stop me or force me to go on a diet! HA!

Long live different kinds of beauty! We are not a world that should be conformed into one kind of wonderful.

I would say that if everyone like you were gone, we'd enter a world of enlightenment and beauty. But... it takes all kinds. ^_^

  BeeHappy_fml  |  0

Actually, back in say, pre-medieval times, there was pretty much no such thing as a fat person. Why? Because everyone had to get off their lazy asses and farm/work hard physically to keep their families afloat. So don't start spreading any BS about how "real women have curves" or anything because, actually, REAL women are healthy. Not walking skeletons, and not fat disgusting lardos. So yeah.

  Hendrixguy  |  0

On a broader scale: We are naturally drawn to exotic people in general, take the world a hundred years ago where plump women were at THE top. Why? Because that meant they could afford a lot of food and were very rich. IF you somehow made every woman in the the world skinny, over time however, people would be attracted to people who aren't so skinny. Similarly, people used to hold the notion that people with glasses are smart, most likely because that usually meant their vision deteriorated from excessive reading. Today, with laser eye correction, that notion is slowly being reversed as only people who are fairly wealthy can afford to have the procedure done. If you still don't understand, in layman's terms: People want what they can't have. Take away fat people? Guess what, they become what everyone wants. Its a simple fact of life, oversimplified above, but the point remains the same.

  mialee34  |  4

LittleBossLady, THANK YOU!!! I'm fat and every one of my friends thinks I look better than most skinny chiks because I'm okay with it. So f those who think being fat is a bad thing. I can still do the best tango in my town!

  yellowaholic  |  25

Well bikinis in general are very small and easily untied, I used to wear a string bikini that if you even jumped in the water wrong you would end up flashing everyone and I've never been fat. I think that no matter what size you personally are a bikini can come undone quite easily.

  watrpologuy  |  4

U say this because you are fat? I nv understood women like you some men dont say it to offend but being fat means you are un healthy and very un attractive to most