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Today, it's been three weeks since I moved to Germany with my own money, after my company's offices in Spain shut down. I was given a job at the headquarters here, only to have just found out that the whole company is now set to go into liquidation. FML
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expertsmilee 26

At least you have good beer now!


expertsmilee 26

At least you have good beer now!

AboveAll04 14

Time to get extremely black out drunk and end up with a Mike Tyson tattoo :)

perdix 29

#1, it would suck if the OP were a sangria fan!

Shadowvoid 33

I hope OP is not just an undercover alcoholic making up and excuse for good booze, but then again I've never heard of anyone spending all of their jobless money to move for better beer.

MissWhitneyB 17

That sucks Op but you can hopefully get you a new start there. Don't let it get you down. God opens one door and opens another

MissWhitneyB 17

Closes one door and opens another* -_- Sheesh

I like your first one better; in the summer, even God probably wants a good crossbreeze!

Why on earth would you feel the need to bring God into this? It's people like you that push people into being atheists! I cannot fathom how you think it's okay to just put your religion on to others.

mahoney94 6

She just said God, technically implying Deism, but I doubt that's what you had in mind... Regardless, it's an anonymous comment on the internet; it doesn't mean anything. Just shrug it off, and stop looking for a fight.

Wowxoxo 17

@39, I was thinking the same thing. What if OP doesn't believe in god? I see #2's intent as "carry on, all will be well," but life becomes to simplistic when everything is simply "god's will"...

websphere69 27

Some people enjoy lighting off flame wars....

MissWhitneyB 17

Wow. It was not meant for me to push my religion on anyway. Just the way I think and a way to look at the situation positively. Its my opinion, thats why its my comment. But don't try to blame me for people being athetist. They have their reasons and it sure isnt a little comment on FML that did it.

She really isn't pushing her views at all, she's simply making a comment in line with her own beliefs. IF the OP believes in God then they might appreciate the comment. I mean really, don't over exaggerate to have an argument. I could post all I want about God and you could post any disagreements you have about it. This is FML and surely you don't give a damn about what I say about it and I don't give a damn about what you say have to say about it. So why attack someone for such a stupid reason?

@39, if people become atheists purely to spite those that believe, then that's sad. Ignore what you don't like and move on. The original comment wasn't even pushing religion on anybody, it's a phrase -- like how everyone says "oh my god". Stop looking for a fight.

@39 If you actually believe bringing God into a comment is "pushing" a specific belief on you or any other person is actually true, you are therefore the most ignorant person I have come across. No one is forcing you to believe in God just because they mention God. It's a right to believe in what you want. No one is pushing it on you. You're just wrong here.

She is just expressing how she feels.. You know that just because she believes in God doesn't mean you have to crap on her beliefs

You realise this translates to "that the sausage"?

Druu 53

Arguably, it IS the sausage. OP got the shaft.

Wizardo 33

Through the Lederhosen and right up the sheiser.

I don't see why I am being down voted. I thought the person posted it thought it mean that is the worst. I was just pointing out it does not.

graceinsheepwear 33

21, because it was intended as a pun, not an actual German translation. Gott it now?

Druu 53

Aye, 21. My best attempt at German: nein sprich!

Wizardo 33

Well just start a new life in Germany, live there for a few years and then go back home when you're ready, that's what I would do especially since Germany's economy is doing very well at the moment.

AboveAll04 14

Some red flags should've went on in that brain of yours like, " hmm since the offices shut down in Spain maybe I should look into this a little bit more"

Yeah, but with an unemployment rate of ~25%, you'd rather decide to stick with the job than to look for a new one. And with the german economy, op thought the company would survive there.

Germany has one of the best economies in the world, head of the EU in financial loaning to other countries. I think OP is lucky to live in Germany.

Hmmm hindsight. It is so easy to give a red flag statement after all of the facts are there.

That totally blows. Hopefully you'll find another job.

Keep hope alive and good luck finding another job

Everything happens for a reason, OP. Maybe a better job is waiting for you in your new location

AboveAll04 14

If you ever go back to America during the summer you can go to this water park called Roseland...its a good stress reliever :)

lhazz11 23

*notices previous FML* Ohhh it's a reference!

Hope you find something great soon...maybe work for BMW for the time being...