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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me using Lady GaGa lyrics. FML
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When OP wouldn't let "Alejandro" "Poke-her-Face", he decided it wasn't worth the "Bad Romance" and dumped her over the "Telephone" saying he didn't want to play these "Love Games" anymore. "Alejandro" proceeded to dump OP for a girl who was more "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" who said "I Like it Rough". Now, OP will cry, heartbroken in her room as "Alejandro" and his new girl "Just Dance" the night away at a club.


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that sucks op. fyl. I wonder which song it was..

What else would she do, blow? A ******* does not actually require blowing. It requores sucking!

Yeah I'm gonna go with 'Bad Romance'. Or maybe 'Boys Boys Boys' if he's trying to say he's gay...

bahaha yeahh, I'm guessing he said that they were "caught in a bad romance"

Well maybe you couldn't see through her poker face.

Come on OP, you don't need a queer as your boyfriend :)

We had some fun, I beat yo shit. Shoulda did a better job sucking my dick!

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lol he probably would of took her back.

ydi for having a bf that could quote lyrics from a lady gaga song.

Op couldn't keep her poker face when her bad romance ended in love games with Alejandro.

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ewww lady gaga sucks! for me, it would have been better if he at least used some decent song Kelly Clarkson's

OP: so what did you want to tell me? Boyfriend: I want to break up with you. I wanna just dance, it'll be okay. it's just that we are in a bad romance. i don't want you to be sad I want you to have a straight face like a poker face pa pa poker face. don't stalk me and follow me until I love you papa papa paparazzi!

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hahah nice one :P I don't know any of ''her'' songs either

that sucks op. I actually broke up with my boyfriend because all he would do was sing lady gaga and it creeped me out

when you hear "ALE-ALE-JANDRO, ALE-ALE-JANduh-row......", you know it's over. caput. FYL.

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I just can't be with you like this anymore,,,(insert name here)

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24 is beautiful, WTF are you talking about?

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Does your boyfriend wear reallllly tight clothing?

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It might have been Bad Romance :) !! hahhahh.. but that seriously sucks fer you :P !!

i think your gay-dar shoulda went off after that

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earthquake, I just felt one.

op your ex boyfriend didn't wear your underwear as well did he?

22- boys boys boys has nothing to do with breakups! what r you on!

bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! *breaths* bahahahahahahahahahahaha *sighs*

Lady Gaga? Since when did we start using it's songs to break up with people?

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what's with all of the homophobic comments on here?

173 - I know that, but if a guy is singing 'Boys Boys Boys', it's probably his way of coming out of the closet (hence the rest of my comment).

Atleast there isn't a monster in your bed.

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WTF are you talkin about 27. I'm sure she didn't mean to upset you if your gay and as someone who didn't even post a picture stop talkin shit...

I bet it's bad romance lol "caught in bad romance" lol

wonder what song ? atleast he did not use Justin bieber? Fyl

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113 u look like Demi lavato x 1900990009999

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67- We should be friends. Haha. I agree completely with everything you said(:

lady gaga is NOT a woman. it's Michael Jackson. he just completed his surgery. had to get rid of te child molestation rumors somehow didn't he??

65 win 27, She just needs chapstick. LOTS of chapstick

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stop callin stop callin I don't wanna talk anymore, caught in a bad romance, I'm not your babe, and after all the boys and the girls that we've been through, don't wanna kiss don't wanna touch! .......^ was it like that, OP? :)

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haha i wanna know which song it was!!!

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253, ahhh! thank you! I thought I was the only one that had enough sense to choose Kelly Clarkson over Lady Gaga

last i heard, what kind of music you listen to doesn't affect your sexuality..........stop stereotyping, bitches.

how would you know he's a **** for knowing her lyrics if you don't know them yourself? for all you know, she could sing about ******' bitches and gettin' money. protip: she's the most popular artist in the world right now; people of all orientations know her music.

if he broke up with you using lady gaga lyrics, there's a high chance it was because he didn't have feelings for you anymore because he's gay

later on he came out of the closet with another ladygaga song

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"not that I don't like you I'm just tryna' partay"

I don't understand all this hate for Gaga, she's one of the first singers since Madonna to do something risky with her style and music

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streets.... u are fugly as shit

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330, risky? she just dances around half naked while singing some stupid song lyrics

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umm 110- I'm a guy and I'm straight and I personally like lady gaga's music

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Since I don't actually know any Lady GaGa songs or lyrics, a point of masculine pride, I'll just say FYL. P.S. 24: The 'make pouty/kissy lips in every picture' thing has never been cool. Please help end the plague of whorish pufferfish that has permeated the net.

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hahahahahhaaha at least it wasnt a 2 word text message >:/ hahaha thats pretty funny and original haha thats not soo bad:)

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Meh... If you wanna really be tortured, try waking up to your cousin booming her Justin beiber CD in your ear.

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Bad Romance: caught in a bad romance... Telephone: stop calling! stop calling! Alejandro: but I just can't be with you like this anymore..

lady gaga is the best and Kelly is sucky

I recon he would have been better off with Led Zeppelin "Babe you know I'm gonna leave you." would have been a bit less gay.

it was Alejandro. "I I know that you may love me, but I just can't be with you like this anymore."

I love that song but you can tell by the video she hadn't finished working on her " look"

obviously telephone. "stop calling, stop calling, i dont wanna talk anymore." idk why i everybody else thinks its songs that DONT EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE.

was it "stop calling stop calling, I don't want to talk anymore?!"

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Would u like fries with dat FML?

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I think the pic is cool... he looks cute <3

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**** all of you who say Lady GaGa sucks she's the ******* best! Plus I'm a guy and not gay

no she sucks and you must be gay if you listen to that shit.

why don't you stop hatin' on ppl? if you hate lady gaga so much, then don't listen to her! there's no need to hate.

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There's a 98% chance that 61 is not the one in the pic, and If he is I'm sorry it's just many people pretend to be someone their not.

Selenagirl, I've seen several of your posts on multiple FMLs. How the **** old are you? Geez...

he's obviously gay anyway.. you should e glad it's ended (:

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43, **** me your BEAUTIFUL.

No **** me I'm not a creep! You can trust me I promise!

guys I'm not gonna do anything that's sick

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Good your not some weirdo Internet ****.

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Exactly what I was going to say. I'm assuming that's not her because she was caught with Lexa's picture. Umhayy, I wouldn't feed the creepers. Generally guys that say "**** me" on a website, are pathetic. Sometimes its a joke but, be careful because they could be anybody. OP-Be thankful you're out of that relationship, by him doing that, it shows you a lot about his character. Go find yourself a nice guy that doesn't know the lyrics to Lady GaGa.

I know 127 those guys who say that are weirdos... umm hey would you want to you know *wink* *wink* jk

well think what you want but that was my sister who took lexas pic

They could be anybody, but anybody could be SOMEbody!

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Yes, aardvark. They could be anybody but, they're obviously SOMEbody lol. Unless of course they're not. Ah damn, I'm not good at thinking like that. It makes me anxious lol!

#93 u look gorgeous in your new picture 

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Raleigh told me he's seen that picture before. I don't believe it is, nor do I REALLY believe her sister stole my pic. To google I go and I'll tell you of my findings ;)

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I remembered Raleighs message wrong. he didn't say that. But I still doubt it since she said thanks to all the compliments on her picture even though it was my picture. and OP-I wouldn't be upset. Lady gagas cool

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That's because lady gaga is awesome, and you're not...

lady gaga is my mommy monster!!!!!

Well don't worry about it, he broke it off with you because he's most likely discovered he's gay anyways. I mean, I don't know any heterosexual males who know Lady GaGa's songs, yet alone the lyrics to such. =P

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12- then I guess Akon's gay

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My dads 59 and he's been married to my mom for 25 years... He knows plenty Lady Gaga lyrics. You don't have to be gay to know Gaga lyrics... there just songs

I was just gonna say "my best friend knows all Lady Gaga songs!" But then I remembered he's gay. Oops.