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  hermitknut  |  22

#29: I was under the impression that FMLs are not supposed to be written formally. Therefore, saying "all of a sudden" isn't a big deal. It's a colloquialism (I think that's right) not an error.


I knew I'd get thumbed down because no one here cares about grammar because this site is informal. Whatever, I'm just saying "all of a sudden" sounds stupid. I know I'll get thumbed down for this too because everyone here is a troll and no one can think freely.. -_-

  SPAIDZ  |  0

All of a sudden is a really common thing to say and therefore common to write. To say that people who use it aren't thinking freely seems downright backwards. If anything people who refuse to use common everyday terms simply because it "sounds stupid" or doesn't fit their view of "correct grammar" would be the closed minded ones. I have nothing against you I just think that before you accuse others of trolling and not being free thinkers you should really stop and realize that's literally exactly what you did to get this conversation started.

By  ICATiger  |  13

What a pro she is.... She must teach me how to do that.

  hecseferblade  |  1

#13- you cant just pick up a stapler, you have to choose the right one for you, the is the classic, swift, automatic, grip, non grip, gel, transparent, custom design, etc. dont gt me started on the staples themselves...