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Today, I was working at Staples and organizing some notebooks. All of a sudden, I jumped up because of a sharp pain in my back. A little girl had grabbed a stapler and stapled my back. FML
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kids are a pain in the ass-or in this case back

Dear *Whoever corrects these*, "All of a sudden" is not proper grammar, it's suddenly.

And you should have used a semicolon after grammar, not a comma.

#29: I was under the impression that FMLs are not supposed to be written formally. Therefore, saying "all of a sudden" isn't a big deal. It's a colloquialism (I think that's right) not an error.

I always thought it was "all of the sudden" Just sayin man.

OP you have just become a rich man...ow my back I can't walk without pain the horror the horror

57 -- "All of a sudden" is grammatically correct. |the kid|

I knew I'd get thumbed down because no one here cares about grammar because this site is informal. Whatever, I'm just saying "all of a sudden" sounds stupid. I know I'll get thumbed down for this too because everyone here is a troll and no one can think freely.. -_-

114 - OP wanted to be sure that everyone knew it wasn't just part of a sudden, it was all of it.

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Practice what you preach, 114. Your grammar isn't 100% perfect.

I'm glad 122 sees my point. 129, what did I do wrong? I'd love to know. (I'm serious, not trying to be an ass, hah)

All of a sudden is a really common thing to say and therefore common to write. To say that people who use it aren't thinking freely seems downright backwards. If anything people who refuse to use common everyday terms simply because it "sounds stupid" or doesn't fit their view of "correct grammar" would be the closed minded ones. I have nothing against you I just think that before you accuse others of trolling and not being free thinkers you should really stop and realize that's literally exactly what you did to get this conversation started.

What a pro she is.... She must teach me how to do that.

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Well you see you pick up the stapler, then put it to someones back and push, that click followed by a loud scream means it's working...

That ways easy I talking about the way you shoot the staples at the victim. (If possible)

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You could use a staple gun, but I don't think they sell those at staples, could always bring your own.

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Staple gun party at Staples! BYOSG! Nice.

#13- you cant just pick up a stapler, you have to choose the right one for you, the is the classic, swift, automatic, grip, non grip, gel, transparent, custom design, etc. dont gt me started on the staples themselves...

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Seriously! Retaliate! .......

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I'm surprised no one had mentioned the fact that OP works at staples and got stapled on the back.

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But I will! You all were falling apart, and were plumbers!!!

Putting your stupid punchline in all caps does not change the fact that it's a stupid punchline.

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You must not of had enough staples in you, she just wanted you to be true to the name...

Nice attempt, stapler puns aren't that easy to make. Next time, try to hold it together better ;-)

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Meh, I got a chuckle out of it, that's all that matters right, so I could really care less about pleasing anyone else with my comments.

If it was a regular stapler, it wouldn't hurt that much as long as OP was wearing a shirt. Also I stapled my finger by accident when I was 7 and it didn't hurt that much