By lil123 - 25/03/2012 04:40 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my boyfriend wrote a song for me. As he was singing it to me I realized it was actually a breakup song. FML
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bizarre_ftw 21

*smiling, smiling, questioning, frowning, punching...*

Still a better love story then twilight i'd say.


Doesn't matter, broke up? Still counts.

kbtoyz69 9

maybe he tells his emotions better through song. sounds like a nice breakup to me.

22cute 17

Yes, because a nice.drawn out break up where you gradually realize your humiliation is what everyone wants.

Well atleast he put some thought into the break up and didn't just text or call.

I think in this case he put too much thought into the break up

Maybe but atleast he thought about it instead of just dumping her with out being sure.

True. Very true. But then he'd have more inspiration (if he dumped her without being sure) . He could write about how he made a mistake and he dumped the love of his life. That album would sell in no time.

21, Who really gets the "break up" they always wanted? This was much better than plenty of other ways of ending relationships, so why the hate?

bizarre_ftw 21

*smiling, smiling, questioning, frowning, punching...*

Still a better love story then twilight i'd say.

Better than text break up !

Birdie_Sage 0

Better than a Facebook break up!

MizzErikaHart 8

Better than an email breakup


Yeah, he seem like a creative one.. Your kids would've been great.

Aw :( u shud still be friends he seems like a good enough guy to 1. Write u a song and 2. Sing it to ur face like a man! :)

22cute 17

All of y'all have seriously lowered your standards in this era of the cowards rule break up. F all your lives, really. Sad.

no one does that

Was it any good?

Yes, is he taking advanced orders on the LP?

omg kick me in the ovaries, let's see how I like it

y is everyone thumbing down on my comment unwound have kicked him in the balls

omg shut up

omg. **** off

Well I hope you got the message. I'm sorry. That would suck.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Isn't that why OP is writing the FML? Because she got the message that it was a break-up song? No shit it would suck.

Why is everyone on this so angry? It seams like everyone here is trying to cause arguments.

Welcome to the internet?

True, but the tempers on everyone. I think all the girls on this are menstruating lol

Ha, seems to me like you've already learned one of the many ways you can start an argument.

He could have sent you a text breaking up. Sry OP, there are lots of busses to go.


Ment it could have been worse, like sending a text :)

Well, 6.. Your comment has enough down votes to require that it be hidden from the public.. But hey! Look at the bright side! Whatever it is..

I'd say it's the thought that counts but that doesn't seem to apply here.

kuges 0


At least he put some effort into breaking up with you. Must people do it by text these days.

Or Facebook ._. They just change their relationship status....

Or through Skype... :/

Skype works only if you're in a long distance relationship. Otherwise, it's always better to do it in person.

TarieBoo 2

baby i loved you forever isnt for always im leaving you hope you like that i made you a catchy song

Why are so many of these FMLs from Alberta? Hahaha. Well i guess you could say. at least he was creative about it.. Sorry OP.. :/