By ryanlogan - 31/08/2011 06:31 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend will only speak to me using Lady Gaga lyrics. FML
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maybe this is her way of telling you she has a penis.

You should poke her in face and tell her to stop!


You should poke her in face and tell her to stop!

Joshoa123 16

Or only speak to her in Cannibal Corpse lyrics.

You should make her watch Kim Kardashian's new music video for pay back.

yamatelle 19

If she said, "oh there ain't no worry, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick 'til the edge of glory tonight. Yeah, baby!", then I don't see the reason of why the OP should tell her to stop.

Its only fine if she doesnt actually wants to look like her.. Damn Lady Gaga disgust me

xoconnie 8

i am so SICK of lady gaga. she needs to stop.

jamie72596 9

"OOHHH AHH RAH LALA OOOOOO AHHHH YAYAYA" is all I can really picture your girlfriend saying...have fun with this, OP

mr_torch91 1

Slap her. Then communicate through by speaking in dubstep. Bwa bwa bwa WOOOMP WOOOMP WOOOMP.

Your girlfriend is AWESOME!! There ain't a reason you and her should be alone tonight ;)

I would kill myself because I really hate Gaga that much. :(

I assume this is the girlfriend's payback for not having sex with her because he's afraid his mom is watching from the heavens

fakeaccountX 6

Speak to her in Eminem lyrics to show how much you hate her for that.

86- 'You don't know how SICK you make me'. (Puke;Eminem)

I was about to do a lady gaga lyrics joke like "it sounds like a bad romance" but then disgust overcame me and i had to go and puke till i felt clean again

gmc_blossom 21

At least she wasn't speaking in Ke$ha lyrics. >_> Because if she liked Ke$ha, chances are she liked Justin Bieber. They share the same birth date, you know that? Then liking "him" leads her to liking Twilight. Then you'd have a whole different set of problems on your hands. Be glad she's talking in Lady Gaga lyrics. YDI for complaining.

NoahStaz 3

Too bad your name isn't Alejandro. Just dance because she was born this way. Who cares if it's causing a bad romance?

fthislyfe 22

It's amazing how you all hate Lady Gaga (I do hate her too). But she's got over 43,000,000 fans in facebook! Also, as we all hate Justin Bieber, he's got more than 35,000,000 fans on facebook. I don't know where their fans are! But search a real artist on facebook. Search a great artist, politician, scientist, etc etc. And there are like 20000 likes or so... WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

hbbs93 6

Couldn't agree more! I like gaga though but not the biebs.

op, It sounds like you're in a Bad Romance!

paynee 0

'Would you be my fa fa fa fa future man, I want to fa fa **** you hard as I can' gaga has nice lyrics if you know more than love game and poker face. Try brown eyes, no flood uhhh I'm such a monster


I was thinking the same thing...

koolkat27 13

why is Justin beiber in this? and also, I find it incredibly disturbing that I still don't know what gender gaga is.

urmomrocks 5

#130 I happen to be a huge Kesha fan, but I would love to take Justin Biebers voice away from him. Don't stereotype. It's not nice.

EtannikufesiN 4

#19 Dammit! Beat me to the punch :P

FruityLoooons 8
FruityLoooons 8

Damn iPhone. Comment added too early before I could put in my joke. Epic fail.

I think 207 meant obese... Not sure though...hmmm hard to tell

FruityLoooons 8
RawrNom 0

my gf just read this with me and is now attempting it. seriously, i'm looking at her gaga wall and hating you!

ban_anaa 0

I read this and I'm planning on doing the same to my bf too! I don't give a rat's ass for the consequences.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Tell her "You and me could write a bad romance," then break up with her. FYL.

And then she sets the bed on fire cause she's secretly a fembot.

jman730 0

Wow, your girlfriend sucks. Break up with her man. Now.

Break up with her just because she is talking in Lady Gaga lyrics? Wow, you, my friend are stupid

XxHoPPoxX 8

never insult chuck norris....his tears are said to cure cancer..........too bad he never cries

He also once visited the Virgin Islands ... They are now known as the Islands

Chuck Norris swims through land and he attacks sharks when he smells them bleed.

superangryandy 2

People say Chuck Norris doesn't have a chin and he just has a 3rd fist.

63: he doesn't go swimming, water just wants to be around him.

Fucking great idea maybe a little bit of pantera as well?

No, use cartoon songs, that way she sees how stupid she sounds. And if she enjoys it, you got a real kinky one on your hands....

Not related to the post but ur hair..ROCKS!!!!

koolkat27 13
EtannikufesiN 4

Like #19 said. Cannibal Corpse lyrics; a creative way to get dumped. Fast.

Just dump her. Thats childish and lame. Is she 10? :o

Yes, becauase it's perfectly normal to date a 10 year old.

MsMeiriona 2

If one happens to also be 10 it is.

tylenol123 0

Id say 10 year olds shouldnt date :/