By Emily - 17/12/2011 17:03 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me via the medium of free-style rapping. FML
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ShroomsOnAcid 16

You should shut him up with some free-style slapping.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

What's more ridiculous is taking a joke like that seriously. ;)


ShroomsOnAcid 16

You should shut him up with some free-style slapping.

laxbro182 1

That's ridiculous! He has no right to slap him just because the boyfriend broke up with her. She probably deserved it

ShroomsOnAcid 16

What's more ridiculous is taking a joke like that seriously. ;)

laxbro182 1

Touché! I concede my loss to you

Heeeerroin 5

26, that's the most mature come back I've seen on here. I applaud you.

unitedfan11 0


It would be cute if he had written a rap song to ask you out, but a break up song is just ******* weird and creepy..

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missamazinggg 12

Sounds like something Lonely Island would do

farnsworth 3

Good news everyone! they call me farnsworth I've been inventing since birth, my flow so known that dr Zoidberg has worth, if money were a disease then I guess omit sick minded I once fell in love but money isn't blinded, and that mom was really a bitch, she started calling me big daddy so I chucked her ass in the ditch.

Did 106's comment make any sense to anyone?


Roses are red Violets are blue I'm so glad I got over you

112- it's from the show futurama:) It's freaking hilarious!

This reminds me of the FML "Today, my neighbor declared his love for me via the medium of interpretative dance".

# 80 he didn't write it he free styled it. Which means he just made it up right on the spot which is not creepy. It's ******* boss

lil_miss_katii 7

is he at least a good rapper?

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What's classy about rap? Have you heard the lyrics?

jablome 6

19 - Are you a little slow or were you born without the ability to detect sarcasm?

19- That's entirely a matter of opinion. Maybe down in Indy that's how people do things.

19- I'm almost positive you don't have the ability to understand the oh-so-sophisticated language of sarcasm.

What's classy about rap? Hmm, maybe not 'classy', but definitely has context. Depending on who you listen to, of course. I'm not trying to start a debate either.

poppylamonzo 0

Uh, I have a question for the mods. Is there a maximum length limit on comments?

38- I don't see "turtles" spelled out anywhere here. You might need to get your vision checked..

It's in a should get your vision checked

91- I'm liking my quote you used there

meatbunss 1

That's how I do my break-ups. But usually i'll have someone else there with me to beatbox.

38- You spelled the ellipsis incorrectly.

DKjazz 20

Quick question to the mods: can we really summon you just by asking you questions in the comments? Quick question to the mods: how is Sirin pronounced? Siren? Sir-in? Siri-n? Si(as in sith)-rin?

Yes, both "I"s as in Sith. How appropriate. You can get my attention, but I may or may not feel sarcastic enough to respond.

You must write a $1,400 cheque to Herp McDerpington to find out.

poppylamonzo 0

118- It wasn't an ellipse. If I wanted it to be an ellipse, I would've used three periods. But I used two.

185- then what were you going for? Is the use of two ".." a common english technique? Surely you didnt actually mean to only use two. And sirin, you have easily got to be the most sarcastic person i have seen on any fml. Do you only comment when requested? --> just in case: Hey, a question to the mods: Do you only comment when requested? Lol.

I comment when I feel like it, usually to mock Alan. OHHHH.

poppylamonzo 0

188- Yeah sure it's an American thing.

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KittyJay 3

if he wasn't mature enough to.have a decent conversation with you about it then he doesn't deserve you. best of luck.

EffinToofer 3

You made a good point, but I thumbed you down because your punctuation and lack of capitalization hurt my brain.

You must have a weak, fragile brain then.

Idk I have a pretty fragile brain and I seem just fine

I didn't think it was actually very lovely.

Same.. I feel as if "lovely" is one of those words that demands sarcasm.

EvilCupcake8361 9
Lilbabynid3 3

Good thing its over..... that's just weird...

OP is definitely out of his league anyway. I think it's about time to find a new boyfriend today ayyyy!

What the OP needs to do is reply with a diss track!

This deserves much more thumbs up. It's a shame were allowed only one

its a shame we're only allowed one thumbs down. stupid ****.

It's truly a shame that we're only allowed 1 thumbs down, too.

I know right? Mods, can you guys please put that option?

It's also a shame that people pick fights on the internet instead of moving on with their lives. You didn't have to comment, smart ass. But congrats on being a dick

Its also a shame that you felt you had to reply back to his comment... Leaving it alone would have been a SMART option... Thought you hated stupid people????

On the Internet? To some random stranger? Seriously????

That's when you do a Michael Jackson spin move and kick him in his nads.

im guessing he is white and thinks hes black. so probably a douchebag. no loss.

So you're saying if a white guy raps, he's automatically a douchebag trying to be black? Hmm...

9- last time I checked, eminem and Mac miller are really popular, and the fact that they're white has no effect on their rapping careers..

Actually mac miller is coming up...but machine gun kelly is better.

SexyHindu 2

Personally, I like Chris Webby

UrCapsLockOn 12

i had to google Mac Miller !!!! EMINEM FTW (<<< this will get me thumps up =P)

you're better off. your first mistake was dating a Guy who raps in conversation