By mish - 22/09/2013 20:41 - United Kingdom - Leominster

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me via Snapchat. FML
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Say you didn't see it. Though if that's how he broke up with you he might not be worth trying to stay with.


Say you didn't see it. Though if that's how he broke up with you he might not be worth trying to stay with.

The sender can see if it's been opened or not, though :(

And she would have gotten broken up with one way or another, can't ignore what you know is going to happen. :/

Wonder if she screen shotted it haha

Still shouldn't let him out easy. The point isn't to continue the relationship but rather to prevent him from just bailing out like a coward.

At least it was only a 10 second break up, tops? He's clearly a piece of shit if he did something like that. Better to be rid of him, OP.

I feel like I'm alone here, but how awkward is that? He sends her a pic of him or whatever and it just says we're over. Like how do you even take that....

You could send one back flipping him off

Couldn't have said it better

its not even worth it then

Or OP responds: "meh, wasn't the worst 10 seconds of my life".

Came here to say that. Double snap.

Yeah, I bet OP really snapped when she saw that.

I enjoy your pun Only because it is the first of it's kind I have yet to come across, however, if it were not, I would most surely thumb you down. The moral here being: Good joke, but be careful how far you go as that kind of punning has a high potential to suck

if he doesn't have the balls to break up with you face-to-face, then he wasn't a keeper anyway

I get what you're saying here, but there's a strange contradiction in that sentence.

Thats pathetic. OP, find someone who isn't a douche.

Atleast the pain only lasted three seconds. Unless he has it set for ten seconds, then it hurts more.

Atleast it wasn't over text haha

I'm pretty sure this is way worse.

I agree with #26 there's only 10secs to even take it all in....what an ass.

The same thing happened to me last week! Fuck our lives.

I knew this would happen someday. I am so sorry OP, you will find someone MUCH better.