By Anonymous - 23/01/2010 16:09 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and after 10 seconds he gave up and said "This is more tiring than I expected". FML
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that's not really an FML for you, more for him... He can't handle sex. HAHAHA

smith2001 5

c-c-c- combo breaker!


1st and your boyfriend sounds like a lazy fatass!

Get on top then. Lazy bitch.

ahhaa ! out off shappe muchh?


urrr reeetttarrdded forrr spellingggg thhhhattt waaayyy

jennymxo 0


mayb that's his way of saying he wants u on top

is this bitch like 400lbs? who would give up on some fine nookie?

maybe it was his 1st time or maybe he was starting off too fast...lmfao still funny as hell

zackk5 0

Hahaha.. Im sure that was just his exuse for finishing early.


OP isn't the one who has to move all the time

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haha u need a real man

ROFLsyrup 0

that's not really an FML for you, more for him... He can't handle sex. HAHAHA

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smith2001 5

c-c-c- combo breaker!

More like epic fail.

HUH?!!??!? where the hell was my comment? I was first

most likely moderated because you're stupid.

I can confirm that.

I'm confirming that I moderated out his "comments"... and also that he's a stunningly dumb shit. See, you expected an evasive, politician's answer, didn't you? :D

You evaded the question and spouted utter drivel, with the utmost finesse... ... ... You're a Tory, aren't you? >_>

CableX17 0

lol, epic legal jargon convo=win

oh and your boyfriend is a prissy fat lazy bastard

He lasted 10 seconds? Damn, this guy is my hero. I only have to look at the girl before beads of sweat begin forming on my brow... Wow, I'm just thinking about it and I can feel the calories already burning!

hey nice way to lose fat without having a baby be devoloped in process...

your bf sounds like a virgin

sounds like an obese cunt who can't lift his fat up long enough to get his mickey in ya :P

Ran_Ran 0

Sucks for you, he considers it work! You must be ugly.

did he get it in, or was he being hampered cause you were too tight?