By Singed - 04/07/2009 17:31 - United States

Today, my dad woke me up by shaking me and saying "If you're not up in two minutes, I'm lighting a firecracker in your room." Thinking he wouldn't possibly set off a firecracker in the house, much less my room, I decided to call his bluff. My room still smells like gunpowder. FML
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Perhaps you should listen to your father in the future eh? Next time he might stick it somewhere else.


in no way did you deserve this. what kind of maniac sets off a firecracker in the house??

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Well he isn't completely nuts, how fitting that today happens to be the 4th of July?

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haha when I modded this I laughed.... Then I realized my dad has shot his shot-gun out my window to wake me up- He used deer shot

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erm...isn't that illegal?

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Yeah, if by nuts you mean EPIC. I wish I was cool like him.

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Perhaps you should listen to your father in the future eh? Next time he might stick it somewhere else.

No, he's a friggin dumbass who needs to learn his place.

Seeing as how he's the dad, I think he knows his place quite well. I second the 'rocks' option.

He rocks. You should let him rock your socks bed!

**** off and live a little. That's what the kid gets for not listening to his father

Don't worry, it's the 4th of July...he probably wanted to celebrate early!

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Wow, way to cry about it. So what if your room smells like gunpowder? That definitely doesn't make your life fuckable.

way to not consider the fact that her dad is an ass.

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Her dad is such an ass for trying to get her kid out of bed on the 4th of July for her to spend time with her family. Yeah, that makes sense.

He lit a freaking firecracker IN HER ROOM. To wake her up. What kind of dad does that? (Other than this one, obviously.)

Its HIS HOUSE. He can do whatever the hell he wants. Personally I think her dad is full of win. I'd do the same thing if my kid tried to call my bluff on something like that. Its good for a laugh :D

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Her dad is an ass? More like a badass!

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You're dad is a badass. Be grateful.

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wow your completely gorgeous..

can firecrackers actually set something on fire? if so, it was stupid of him to risk burning the house down just so he could prove a point.

the whole point was that the OP should've woken up withouth the threat being followed through which could have burned the house down. Hopefully, they'll listen and do as they're told in future.

Maybe they thought their dad was kidding, like any normal person would. If you're seriously implying that the father is willing to burn the house down to teach a lesson about obedience, I'll have to ask you whether the psych ward allows internet access.

One firecracker won't burn down a house by any means. Not only that explosions of any kind don't start fires by themselves. There must be a second flammable material that gets ignited during the explosion. At worst the fire cracker will leave a black mark on whatever it was sitting on.