By Anonymous - 02/02/2015 17:38 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I thought I would treat myself to a shave and a haircut at a proper barber, instead of just a haircut at Supercuts. After many "Oops", "Sorry", even an "Oh dear", I left with no hair cut, and blood streaming from multiple slices in my face from the shave. I think one might need stitches. FML
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This is one of the few cases in which I would actually suggest a lawsuit. I hope they didn't try to make you pay for that.


That's why you don't let your mom do your hair

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Make sure it's a good barber first...

Or at least that they are not a member of some cult that practices ritual sacrifice. Ops blood may be used to summon some kind of Canadian demon to set upon the rest of the world ruining our bacon too.

3, I think you just assume most of those old school barber's are good. Maybe it's just me but I don't think it's crazy to assume that. How does their store stay open if they aren't. Op, it sounds like this was that barber's first day and hopefully he got fired immediately! I never complain to managers or try to get someone fired, but in this case I would say it's ok to do so.

At least his barber didn't go into labor you guys.

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#83 although OP definitely has a reason to be upset and complain, OP should not complain solely to get the hair dresser fired. If, as you say, it was his/her first day, he/she may have been nervous, had shaky hands and made some regrettable mistakes. He/she did apologize after all. I'm sure that with some practice the hair dresser will get better. Not everyone can be perfect right off the bat.

This is one of the few cases in which I would actually suggest a lawsuit. I hope they didn't try to make you pay for that.

Sweeny Todd is an excellent barber though.... and a much better killer.

Sweeney Todd only cut people he meant to cut. He was an expert at his trade. And he made some damn good pies.

Yeah, I really need to ask him what's his special ingredient. I bet it's chicken. Taste like chicken.

By "one" I hope you mean the barber who cut you repeatedly :-)

Did they try to run their bloody hands through your hair?

Take a selfie and post it with the name of the barber shop.

Well those were some super cuts... I wouldn't normally suggest suing but that sounds like gross negligence and you really should think about taking legal action.

It may also keep him from doing the same to someone else, only this time they do some serious injury to them.