By Anonymous - 23/01/2010 15:06 - United States

Today, the boy I've liked for the past 8 years asked me out and then dumped me when he realized that I was taller than he was. FML
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I'm sorry, did you say you waited eight years for HIM to ask YOU out?

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we are all the same size in bed!


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He was most likely's a nature thing.

When you say boy it most likely means that he is no older than 18. And liking him since he was 10 is sort of creepy.

or she just calls him boy uz she's taller than him

So you think everyone shorter than her, she considers to be a child? It makes since to call him a boy if this boy/guy/man is a year or so younger than the OP or if she considers people around her age as boys and girls instead of men and women. Even so, it's still kind of creepy.

Please tell me you made fun of his inferiour height, calling him: small fry.. or strawberry shortcake.. or any midget joke would have done just fine..

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forget him. simple and plain. >> Those who matter don't mind, Those who mind don't matter.

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it is a natural thing but some guys can get over it. my ex was like 5'7 I am 5'9 or 10 and it didn't bother himm. he called me his amazon women :D

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wow your a tall freak be shorter then he'll like you

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I never did understand this. Lots of guys would not date a girl if she is taller. Even if they had a great personality, and model worthy bodies. And a couple inches and they are out. ... I'm a guy and I just don't get it.

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Wtf are you talking about lol tall women are sexy ;)

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we are all the same size in bed!

so.... we should all get divorced after 7.9 years?

I did NOT reply to this comment. I replied to one that said something about how 8 years is too long to like someone.

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That means he's a REAL loser. He's intimidated by someone taller than him. He needs some self- respect. You need to find a REAL man, because he's NOT one!

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There are many prestigious surgecal procedures perfect for this situation, varrying from axes, to saws to sky diving without parachutes.

hahahaha.. Holy ****.. ^This^ right above, made my day.. xD

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Crap! I was replying to the person who didnt know what YDI meant...

Is he ten or something? I wouldn't want to go out with someone that petty anyway

if he is indeed ten, then the moment she felt in love with him, he must be 2 years old. are you kidding me tikimuppet? anyways, FYL

If so, he was two when she fell for him, so her being taller than him is akin to her cheating on him if they were twenty two, and this is no FML at all! :O

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I hope you understand that Tikimuppet was saying that the guy in the FML was acting childish not that Tiki actually believed him to be 10 years old.

-9 Could you really not tell that she was using sarcasm in that comment? geez.

I'm sorry, did you say you waited eight years for HIM to ask YOU out?

Haha, what a loser. My boyfriend of more than a year is shorter than I am and I'm so happy that he isn't insecure about it. You probably don't want him anyway. He probably has Napoleon syndrome all over if he is acting like that.

You've liked him for 8 years? You do realize that the world has more than just one man, right? Plenty of fish in the sea. Don't get hung up on one.

How do you sit around and like somebody for 8 years?? Anyway, sucks OP. Feel your pain, I've had two breakups over my height, it didn't bother me but apparently it bothers almost every guy. :(

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Sorry , but what is your height, and those two are rather petty if they breakup with you over height