By Anonymous - United States - Bessemer
Today, after holing myself up in my room for the day, I eventually turned my phone back on and told my girlfriend that my grandma passed away today. She replied, "Ask me if I fucking care," then accused me of not caring about our relationship because I went offline all day. FML
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  tiernang  |  21

shes a girlfriend, not an employee.

  gloriabrose  |  9

at this day and age? when was it any different? people used to marry for the good of the community not even out of love. I personally think we've come a long way

  tiernang  |  21

187, i already said that. but on the internet, the popular vote is the way it is. just follow everybody else and leave me here to be fucked over by downvotes.

  michaelaranda  |  28

in todays world, staying connected is more important than family.

  squidgy787  |  22

Normally I hate the "you mean ex" comments. In this case, however, I feel it's totally spot on.

OP if you don't dump this egocentric sperm receptacle, you deserve all the misery that comes to pass from this horrid relationship.

  CelticReverie  |  5

@Grayness really? Do you even realize the gravity of what she has done? 1. she got angry at OP for being offline all day, indicating that he should have been paying attention to her 2. even after learning of the death of OP's grandma, did her actions imply dat OP paying attention to her was more important than the death of one of OP's loved ones 3. the worst thing about this FML is that she could not understand the grieving OP was doing, she could not understand why he was doing it, thus implying that OP himself should have been as indifferent to his grandma's death as she is. I ask you again: really? This is not just about the death of OP's loved one. It's also about not respecting OP enough to understand that he, unlike her, grieves for such a person. But hey, that's just my opinion. So whatever, yeah

  myoukei  |  31

@celtic: Don't worry, rotten people like grayness an OP's girlfriend deserve one another. Us kindhearted folk don't need scum like them on the market.

  lionheart822  |  13

You clearly must be new to the FML community. There are some really messed up FMLs that have been posted. That's not to say this one isn't up there as well, just brace yourself cause there are much worse.

  SkyGuy32  |  17

I've been reading FMLs for over a year and this is definitely one of the worst.

By  Bloink  |  25

What were you doing holed up in your room without using the internet? (Because you said you were offline)

By  ilovesarcasm  |  18

So sorry about your loss, OP. Start to rethink your relationship status, but only after you've taken the time to cope with the emotional impact of loss. Until then, this can wait. Hopefully she'll go away on her own, the superficial bitch.