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Today, my boyfriend said he was too tired to have sex with me because he'd spent the whole day jerking off. FML
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Damn. Just lay in bed next to him and **********, I guess. If he says he wants to get involved and sexual that night, tell him no, because you're all tired now from masturbating.

Sooo... **********? As long as this doesn't happen all the time it doesn't seem like an issue to me.


Sooo... **********? As long as this doesn't happen all the time it doesn't seem like an issue to me.

He does do it all the time, so it is an issue.

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#24 No ******* < Flicking. OP isn't gonna get any so she doesn't get the option of *******.

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#49 just cuz I can't ****, doesn't mean I can't be thinking of how better that might be while jerking :) In case this isn't readable, "sorry, I'm pretty baked"

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Some people don't see it. But I do ;)

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I see it too. 22 put in a hidden camera

Damn. Just lay in bed next to him and **********, I guess. If he says he wants to get involved and sexual that night, tell him no, because you're all tired now from masturbating.

Thats the basis of childish thinking, "getting revenge" on loved ones.. Op can be forgiving and her boyfriend maybe won't do it again

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#25 chill, she's basically doing what he did to her, she's not hurting him or anything. He'll live lol

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@30 You are correct in saying doing that wouldn't hurt him but it still would be extremely childish thing for her to do. Especially since the guy most likely didn't do this to purposely upset OP. He probably had free time today for whatever reason so he decided to use it to **********. Revenge is a relationship is never good. Unless it is in good humor like if you decide to pelt your bf with water balloons because he threw you in the pool.

The first comment here was quite funny. A big fat yawn to the others who are actually trying to give relationship advice on here.

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Because that's the mature way to handle the situation.

Denying a man sex kills him slowly inside...

Are you kidding? Rub one out and you're good.

Yeah, playing childish head games ought to sort things out...

The point is that OP's BF shouldn't be jacking off so much because she clearly wants to have sex with him at the end of the day. Maybe one session, but no more than that. He's at fault. I would do the same thing to him. It's not fair to me that he can pleasure himself all day, but as soon as I pleasure myself, I'm wrong and immature.

No one said it would be wrong for her to **********.. It's the reasoning that she should do it as an act of revenge that's childish.

Lol I love how all the butthurt males on here are trying to claim its childish. Its not, get over yourself. She has the right to sex just as much as he does and if he denies it to her, she doesnt owe him a thing.

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First of all maybe op's boyfriend didn't know she wanted to have sex, maybe she just came home and said ok let's do it or something like that. However the boyfriend has every right to jerk off and so what if the guy saids no once or a few times it does not matter girls usually deny sex all the time to guys, so if it happens once or twice or three times who cares.

Regardless. I wouldn't be okay with that. I would **********, and next time he wants sex after a day at work "sorry I'm too tired". Although I've never denied sex from a boyfriend. Not even once. So... It also depends how long they've been together. There's usually a pattern with sex.

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It's not really in an act of revenge. She clearly was already aroused and ready to go. With his rejection, her only other choice is to **********. Masterbaiting in front of him would be an outlet, probably a bit of a turn on for her, and also serve a point. It's not like she's doing it ONLY to get back at him. It's just one part of the process. Of course, if this was the first time he's done this then I see no reason to reject him if he's suddenly hot and bothered by watching her. Problem solved, he just needed some extra warming up. But if this is a continual problem? Then it certainly would make a statement.

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87. Okay I agree with what you say but still you understand what I mean sometimes the guy is just tired and doesn't want to have sex contrary to popular belief it does happen to every guy pretty much. Op shouldn't think too much about especially if this is like the first or second she has nothing to worry about.

Yes, sometimes guys are just tired and not in the mood. So how come us women get ripped when we're too tired and not in the mood? I think I have denied my husband sex only a few times since we've been together and it was only because morning sickness from my pregnancy had gotten the better of me when I woke up. It's a two way street, she may deny him if she 'doesn't feel like it'. He is not entitled to her body just as she is not entitled to his.

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91, I agree with you. If women don't feel like having sex okay I understand, personally for me I would completely understand I would just ask for a reason and then see if I could make my partner feel better. In addition not every girl and let me put this not every girl but some do deny sex way more than a normal person should. In my opinion a normal person who is an a steady relationship above 18 and in a relationship for at least a yr should be having sex once a week. If you want more well then you want more

He doesn't need to have sex with her if he doesn't want to

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he sure jerked you around, didn't he?

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imagine how much he is bored of you , better broke up , FYL OP !

First of all your grammar is amazing and second, break up because of this? If it's a one time occurrence it isn't that bad

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my grammer is as wrong as your face

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Oh shit gents, we got a middle school style flame war!

I've heard kids in a Call of Duty match with better insults

You would think a guy who spent the whole day jerking off would be able to go at least one more time, sorry OP

If you've been masturbating ALL DAY, you're bound to be exhausted after the first few times

Ah, I just thought if he had enough in him to go all day he could just summon enough strength to go once more

His dick is probably sore though, I understand him.

Take revenge using the same excuse next time he wants to have sex.

@7: as #25 and #35 said in response to #3, that is a childish thing to do in a relationship and does not bode well.

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Talk to him about it! That's a huge problem; it sounds like an addiction.

#14 Not really, I have a friend who makes it like a game to see how many times he can ********** in the day. Not saying all guys do it but I'm sure it's pretty common. Definitely not discussion worthy.