By Anonymous - 24/09/2015 17:07 - United States - Richmond

Today, my boyfriend and I lost our virginity to one another. He then did a naked victory lap around his dad's house, blasting Akon's "I Just Had Sex" at full volume. He's legally an adult. FML
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Well at least he enjoyed it


hoosiergirl94 31

"She put a bag over my head" still counts

You poor thing OP.. I guess it's best you learn now that men will always have their inner child. Sometimes they are really just big hairy babies. Sometimes.

those are lyrics to the akon song..

#51 So he's a child because he enjoyed himself? I didn't know it was a crime for an adult to be goofy and have fun.

That's kind of funny, I'm assuming his dad wasn't home then?

And hoping no one else was in the neighborhood.

But you want everyone to know.

thats awesome. haha. something you can always remember and laugh about.

Yeah I don't really understand what the problem is

That's a nice way to look at it


A woman let me put my penis inside of her!

"Doesn't matter, had sex" is only ever acceptable in this FML

Well at least he enjoyed it

it seems he more than just enjoyed it. haha. ?

How did you not join him? Lol That's so funny :) just laugh it off OP

this would have cracked me up. don't be a stick in the mud. sing along too

Right? This isn't an FML; this is a MLIA (My Life is Awesome)!

Must have been some good sex. I would take it as a compliment

You should say it was crappy and he will stop running instantly.

Doesn't matter had sex

lol well now you have a funny story about the first time you had sex

Honestly, he sounds like a fun guy.