By RollieCollieUSA - 30/01/2009 17:27 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I lost our virginity to each other. Before, I reached over to her computer and put on "Your Body is a Wonderland". Surprisingly, I lasted through the song and didn't realize her iTunes was on random. "Rape me" by Nirvana came on. I still finished. FML
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I've got ya beat, Bananaphone once came on random, it was my music.

hey man, i got you beat when i was losin my virginity i was listening to bob marley, it was real chill. then the song " I wanna be a homosexual" by screeching weasel came on. not so cool.


I've got ya beat, Bananaphone once came on random, it was my music.

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LtDelicous you're a huge tool with a small cock. Read the post before you talk shit.

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how is this an fml rape me is an awesome song so wat its called rape me its a fuckin awesome song

LMAO haha! btw if u lasted that long ur first time you have nothing to worry about!

yennichan 0 lasted through one song....and a bit into another...and your proud of that?....i mean its not like ur a minute man...but....thats damn close....

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it was his first time

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Maybe that stuff turns him on

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Hahha that's so wrong!

#94, I didn't even finish my first time and it lasted for a little over an hour. Everyone is different.

Exactly the same , even while get a blow job or jerked off I last at least 30-45 mins , porn stars are born , not made.

I've had sex to my boyfriend with "Beat it upright" by korn... look up those lyrics sometime.


Fucking listen to "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation" by Whitechapel. Here is the first line "Raping her. Hacking. Slashing. Violating her."

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Probably better to make a play list for sex instead of picking one song and leaving it up to itunes...

That made me lol irl. Not FML, but fucking hilarious :)

LOL 1) The right question is: did she finished? 2) She has a better taste in music than u do. 3) U got some good advices here like KoRn (start with Daddy... then Love Song), NIN, metal.

Daddy??? are you fucking serious do you even understand that song? youre fucking sick

This is funny stuff dude ROFLMMFAO

#34- I'm a girl who can be totally into that gushy shit and even I thought it was lame.

Well, maybe she liked it. She might be more kinky than you think.

Fight club is one of the best movies ever made

I love Justin Bieber.