By RollieCollieUSA / Friday 30 January 2009 17:27 / United States
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By  your_a_towel  |  0

hey man, i got you beat when i was losin my virginity i was listening to bob marley, it was real chill. then the song " I wanna be a homosexual" by screeching weasel came on. not so cool.

  LtDelicious  |  0

lol @ 1! and by the way, your a tool for lasting through two songs haha! how does it feel to suck at sex? once a minute man always a minute man lol

By  yennichan  |  0

dude....you lasted through one song....and a bit into another...and your proud of that?....i mean its not like ur a minute man...but....thats damn close....

  Suptnik  |  9

#94, I didn't even finish my first time and it lasted for a little over an hour. Everyone is different.

  Iissosmart  |  4

Fucking listen to "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation" by Whitechapel. Here is the first line "Raping her. Hacking. Slashing. Violating her."

By  stupidLes  |  0

LOL 1) The right question is: did she finished? 2) She has a better taste in music than u do. 3) U got some good advices here like KoRn (start with Daddy... then Love Song), NIN, metal.

  laurenlovesjb  |  20

I love Justin Bieber.

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