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Today, I was in a movie when my boyfriend sent out a mass text saying that he'd just lost his virginity. FML
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Your boyfriend already posted about his loss of virginity last April: "Today, I came home to find a sock I previously used to whack off on my bed with googly eyes and a mouth drawn on it with a note that read "Because you can't find a real girl, I made your current one prettier, Love Mom." FML


Well on the bright side was it a good movie :)

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ummm that's not weird at all??

send him back "how weird so did I! was it with your best friend too?"

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This is leaving out too many facts! Is she upset because he's telling everyone he finally got to bang the OP, or she really ****** because some other **** gave it up to him instead of her. Either way FYL, but one is way worse than the other!

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who the **** does that? haha, ask him what he lost it to... ;)

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lmao @19! how awesome wuld that be he'd be all like whaaaat?? u make my liiife (c:

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it was probably one of his friends who had his phone and was acting like a jackass

Ydi for going out to the movies with a horny hungry man at home. Jeez, girls these thing you know they'll be voting. On the bright side you could probabily still take his ass virginity. And do it with the fury of a thousand suns. That'd cheer you up.

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haha funny 19 and no shit 25

55, I have my opinion and you have yours. also you shouldn't call people retards. it's very offencive. what if my brother was mentally challenged?

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paigeatsfiesh, I also think what you said is retarded.

what OP didn't say was that she was IN the movie in which she took his virginity. eh? ehh?!

Paigeatsfish, until you can properly spell words such as "offensive", you are indeed, retarded.

69, if your brother was mentally challenged I'd still support the use of calling each other retards. Go live in a cave.

hehe Paige got the 69th comment...just saying (though it's probably too early to revive FML @ night... gonna wait for a new FML :-) ) to the OP... Maybe he Jizzed in his Pants and is counting that??? Hope for the best but definitely confront him about it... it is kinda a big deal if he cheated on you and then announced such via mass text...I'd be rather pissed off unless I knew it was a joke...

well there's a lot of "what if's" paigeatsflesh. what if you were smarter and didn't post dumb shit? we'll never know.

Jeebus #6...reading is your friend. =P That means he cheated. FYL indeed.

Tell him his hand can't his virginity

@41 that's not what your **** told my **** last night.... @85 Omg I say jeebus too! :D

can't take his virginity* damn the itouch mean ITouchMyself, right? I even autocorrects its own name go figure... ...but seriously... typing is tough on those darned virtual keyboards

Mark of a classy woman: one who passes on the multitude of vag synonyms and opts for her '****'.

#103 darn these virtual keyboards is right. it takes me 5 minutes to type a short message with perfect grammar.

Blue_Coconuts 7

****** @91 shhhh don't tell them my secrets! I gotta maintain my innocent outlook! :P

neva would have happened if u were makin him a sammich =D

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114 Really? I can type pretty fast on these... but that's just me.

hide what? wait nevermind I'll just look stupid again. *facepalm.

Not just you, MF12. I get at least a good 40 WPM on the iPod touch.

don't feel bad Sam :P I was meaning he didn't hide that he had sex with another chick :/ but still a doshe for mass texting it

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you should probably try to spell offensive correctly first

paigeatsflesh. it's my opinion, that your opinion is invalid.

your an actor? (she sed she was in a movie)

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xxeastwoodxx? Bahahahahaha! Priceless!

Thank you 41. Do you have anything else you want to tell us about urself?

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55 didn't call you retarded just your thought process! There is a big difference.

yea true and I don't even sen those kindbof text messages out even know I hang out with alot of girls

where's snickers? I don't see her trolling around....

I feel bad for you op. the mass text was saying how he just lost his virginity, meaning he cheated. that sucksss, my boyfriend and I lost our virginities to each other

Why was your phone on at the movies? Didn't the nice talking animals tell you to turn it off?

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Paige will you go out with me? :D

Blue_Coconuts 7

I was lying, I'm really a gigalo.

77- until you can construct a sentence that includes a comma correctly, you too, are retarded.

or because her boyfriend(they are both 12 years old) doesn't know what his virginity is and their shoulders touched and bow~chicka~wowow

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ops mom was in a **** movie

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Paige you have amazing eyes lol. and OP epic fail!

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That's funny cause I recently got a text that said the exact same thing. Do you happen to live in Las Vegas OP?

I'm guessing that he wasn't cheating. no one would be retarded enough to send out a mass txt saying he cheated. although, if he did, that's ur fault op he has needs and u obviously weren't meeting them.

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whoa!!!!! and u weren't wit him!!!! dam that sucks for him

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that means he'll be twice as good

Peacemaker9 7

at #19 lol I agree with u!!! op shouldve of done that

what if they did it in the movie theater and the fml is about how he told everyone. if not YDI for going to the movies alone....

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there is alot of cute ppl om fml

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that's hillarious! and what's up with the name, charliepoops?

Real question here is why did you have your phone on during a movie?

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here is what happened     and that's what happened

Not a very responsible thing to say, but I like the way you think :-D

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Awww Jhon you are a cutie! So I'll be nice to you. This is the Internet, the majority of people truly don't care how somthing is spelled. Unfortunetly you are the minority of people who do. It's Almost sad how you are so self absorbed in yourself. Op I am very sorry that this has happened to you. Don't feel bad though either it was a fake txt or it was his mom who sent the txt because he can't get laid. Hope everything works out.

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foreverhis 4 and my fiancé lost out virginity in a movie theater. :) I liked it.

anybody who waits for sex when we have condoms and pills and crazy either sheltered, secretely gay, hormonally imbalanced, or just fugly

Paige, I'm saying this cuz I cate about you. stick to being a tease and landing a Porno.

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when I bf cheated on me,I broke his arm and gave him a black eye,and the girl he cheated on me,now has no hair:) u should do the same

r0ck5t4r 3

you're psychotic. did you consider that maybe the girl he cheated on you with didn't know he had a girlfriend? and just because someone hurts you emotionally doesn't give you the right to hurt them physically. keep it up and you'll end up in prison

foreverhis 4

haha. I lost mine in a movie theator. :)

dorworters 9

and ur posting that on the Internet to be a nice sister? waitasec tht doesn't sound right...

47, if that was the case, OP would be the only one to receive it, not a mass message, if the friend wanted to be a jackass by screwing with their relationship

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Don't worry, you'll get it someday, and when you do, it won't be as great as it seems. *snicker* That's what she said!

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its gonna be ok.....u want a cookie :-)

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I was just first on the newer post about trippng over a pair of jeans in a messy room. My comment is now buried. :) Don't get so excited. Whatever comment was a that's-what-she-said moment is win. :)

I was first once. But the damn commies thought my comment didn't worship Stalin enough, so they took my pet cow and drowned it in evaporated milk, just to prove their point. I miss Bessie so much..... *sniff*

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since you don't want a cookie.,.. would you like a prechewed cookie?

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he was IN the movie when he texted that he "just" lost his virginity. he for some reason lied...

Chloe, OP was at the movie; her bf was not. The implication is that her bf cheated on her.

It's ok #2... so did the OP but it didn't work out for either of you :-(

#99 Technicially, speaking the OP never says her bf is not with her in the movie. She may have just got laid too and he's sending out a text to all his buddies and she's embarrassed by it. If I were her bf I would only hope to think this is true....soooo hot!

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so you were IN a movie? which one and should I go watch it? oh and you're a celebrity now so you can bang famous people and text him who you just f'ed

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Hahahahah yeah, major miss there buddy.

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ya he was in the movie next to you right?

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probably not, cause if it was, then it wouldn't be an fml


probably not, cause if it was, then it wouldn't be an fml

that sucks some fierce ballz. i hope itwas a good movie atleast

SeedlessMe 13

It's probably even worse if it was a good movie! Because now she will relate it to this event forever and Hate it!

win!!! yes sir you made me laugh in a world of laughless FML's

im confused.. was he in the movie with youu?

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he lost it to some other hirl

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@11 Or it was probably as 47 said that his friends got his phone and sent the text to f*k with him.

CyclonePsycho 1

Thank goodness I wasn't the only one confused. I was thinking "WTF?! What are you doing in the movie theater!" Rofl, glad to know I'm not the only idiot wandering around here. xD

I feel really stupid after reading the explanation (thanks for not being rude, 21).

You have to go and look for that bitch and bitch slap her. Yeah... FYL.

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