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Today, I received two cards in the mail for my late husband for his birthday. He has been dead for four years now, and the cards were from our two children, who live several states away. This is the fourth time it's happened, and neither of them answer my calls. Ever. FML
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Set up a Facebook page for your dead husband and set his status to "deceased". Then send them both a friend request. Maybe they'll accept and see his status and finally get the message.


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Kids don't do this without a reason. Odds are the mother was an abusive c-rag and never had any idea there was a problem. -Someone who's been there. (Edit: assuming the children know their father has passed away.)

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kids are probably in denial. who knows?

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Regardless, I don't think their is a good enough reason for kids to stop talking to their parents or visversa. My mom abandoned me when I was five and left to Tijuana to do drugs but I still do anything in my power to stay in contact with her.

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102, **** you. Abusive parents do not deserve to have contact with their children.

102, that's the choice you made for your own situation. Not everyone makes the same choice, believe it or not.

that's really sad. :( I wonder why they're doing it?

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that's what I just said. who knows if they were really close and that their way of dealing with the pain? people are weird in that kind of way....

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Something is missing. All the children wouldn't experience the same type of emotional response. Not saying it's not possible, just not probable. The OP is withholding important information from this FML. Possibly the kids are Extremely pissed at her but if they are sending their dad cards an not their mom then why aren't they calling to talk to him or worried that he is not calling to check on them? personally I think this is a bullish*t FML but if not the OP is holding something very important back from us.

82, you do realize that this was posted long before your earlier reply?

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Maybe this is their way of remembering him?FYL

I'm not quite sure if they know or not.

if they are not going to stay in contact they deserve not knowing. OP that really sucks but it's their loss if they're too lazy to stay in contact.

Set up a Facebook page for your dead husband and set his status to "deceased". Then send them both a friend request. Maybe they'll accept and see his status and finally get the message.

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That would be the easiest and quickest way of handling it. Mark the letters "Return to sender" or "No such person at this address".

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The kids don't know their father is dead after 4 years? I feel like OP is leaving something out of the story. Like the fact that she was...*born, in the USA! She was...born, in the USA!*

By the sounds of it OP's husband may not be the father. The way the FML is worded it kind of seems like he could be their step-dad. Not entirely sure though, that's just how I read it.

Nevermind. Just re-read the FML and missed the "our children" in it the first time, I read it as "my children".

*67, fool! "This comment brought to you by Mr. T."

If they're capable of using Snail Mail services, darling, perhaps you should write them letters informing them of what has happened.

13 has a good point. send them letters if they don't answer the phone, or there is this thing called voicemail. it sucks that they won't answer your calls, but it doesn't sound like you're trying very hard either.

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You are a real POS. No-one deserves someone to suggest they kill themselves. Except maybe creepy internet trolls like you.