By Emily - 21/08/2011 04:54 - United States

Today, I finally lost my virginity. In my boyfriend's racecar bed. FML
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probably, considering he doesn't seem old enough to last long at all. smh and yes I'm being sarcastic -___-

The fact that this guy can get laid and he still sleeps in a race car bed gives hope to alot of people out there

Thats his way of spicing up his sex life

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Life is a highway! And I wanna ride it all night longgg! ;)

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Probably thought he could just drive away once they finished.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

if she still has a racecar bed, she's too young for you bro!!

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#HesTooYoungForYouHoe No offense to you or anything it's just a play on words from a twitter thing....... I think.

Anyone who likes Jersey Shore needs a bullet I'm the head.....

Did you grab his stick and run through the hears while he went VROOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

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I hope you know how to drive stick!

wouldve rofled so hard if 1 had 151's pic

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I see what you did there #1...

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Can't believe I got buried for that.

He was 2 fast. And now she is 2 furious.

Go grease lightening! Go grease Lightening!

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You knew what you were getting yourself into so YDI. He probably would have went out for you if you had waited. The closer guys think they're closer to sex the more stuff they will do for you :)

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Racecar is racecar backwards,OP's got mindfucked and physically ******

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i knew kids were losing their virginity to young these days.

#1 lap to go SPEED IT UP vrooooooooooooommm veeeeeeeerr your boyfriends finishes and thats when he cums in you tell your boyfriend good job i was watching that on the interner

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Race car is 2 no not really

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Didn't you guys watch Transformers 3? Girls come first.

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OP should've sang here comes, here comes speed racer....

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You shouldnt be ashamed!! Thats awesome! :D

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68- I personally prefer speed racist. It's hilarious and twisted. My two favorite things.

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I'm sorry but I must not have the psychic power which you clearly possess to determine that someone who sleeps in a racecar bed is a pedophile?

...Do you really think that someone who sleeps in a friggin' racecar bed is a grown-up man? I lol'd. YDI, OP, because you're complaining about a little detail. You just got sex for the first time, and all you can think of is his bed? It must have been very bad sex if you're now relieving your frustration on FML. Oh, and you sound boring.

I'm thinking YDI for giving it up in said race car bed if now she's gonna whine about it. Should have held onto that virginity longer! But, then again it must not be so bad, you are dating him.

89- I think 4 was calling OP a pedophile, not OP's boyfriend. He sleeps in a race car bed, so he must be a little boy, which means that OP is a pedophile QED. (Haha?)

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So? I don't understand what the problem is. Was the bed uncomfortable or something?

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Do you know of any sane men who sleep in a race car bed?

Does any normal man over the age of 12 really have one of these?

He could have just not changed the bed due to laziness or business.

duckman9 55

the OP never mentioned her/his age. Maybe they both are around 12?

It's about testing out the suspension.

It would be creepy if a 50 years old person slept in a kiddie bed. But if she's just lost her virginity to him, I'm assuming they're both young - probably teens, or in their 20s at most. So, again, I don't see why this is such a big problem. And if OP really thought her boyfriend was annoyingly immature, then she wouldn't/shouldn't have slept with him in the first place.

34 I'm guessing there a lot older then 12 considering the fact that this is an fml

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9- how do you know he was a man?

34- Nah, she said "finally". Unless she been trying to get some since age 10-11 :D

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Cool I see no FML here I think that's a win that is like amazing IV always wanted to do that y are u complaining

What have sex w a guy in a race car bed?