By Anonymous - 18/08/2016 20:44 - United States - High Point

Today, while driving to a client's home, I received a text. Since I loathe those who text and drive, I pulled into a convenience store's parking lot. While I was texting, a car sped into the lot, rear-ending my car. FML
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You unwittingly starred in a rare pro texting-while-driving ad.

Man that sucks. Hope you're okay op


You got the car plate I hope...

chrisbeaudoin 26

I wonder if it was op's boyfriend's sister's grandma's cousin's great grand daughter.

Are you referencing the boyfriend's brother's girlfriend?

Man that sucks. Hope you're okay op

That's sucks bro beans

That's terrible, but good for you for doing the right thing OP. This was just very unfortunate events that occurred. At least he hit you while you were parked, so completely his fault. I don't know the laws for North Carolina, but I really hope it's a state that makes the person at fault responsible to pay for everything.

You unwittingly starred in a rare pro texting-while-driving ad.

Good on you op for pulling over to text. Hopefully your not too banged up (:

No good deed goes unpunished, as some people say. Thank you OP. Many people lose their babies, best friends, parents, and more to texters and drivers every year. I'm sorry about your car, but take comfort in the fact that while all material things can be replaced, you as a whole cannot. I appreciate you being responsible and hope that driver gets a big liability charge.

At least you tried.

melana09 19

You did the right thing. More then likely the driver who hit you was on the phone. Least it's their fault and not yours.

Doesn't seem like your fault, hopefully insurance should cover the damages.