By oh_lordy_me - United States - Chicago
Today, my cat still loves me too much. He schedules his dumps for when I'm doing my makeup in the bathroom so he can stay with me. I either have to suffer the noxious odor or be late for work. This is a daily thing. FML
oh_lordy_me tells us more :
OP here! I would love to move his litter box but in a one bedroom apartment it's pretty useless, unless I want the smell in the bedroom or living room/kitchen! As for shutting the door, I probably should! Took me a little while to realize what he was doing, since this is a recent habit of his. The little turd (pun intended) used to chill with me as I was getting ready and him meowing outside of the door is annoying as hell. But, yeah, all in all, I vacate the premises for a few minutes, light a candle and all is good :)
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  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

No, just no.

  ILikeKoalas  |  24

To be honest cat poop always smells revolting no matter what. I know from experience, even if you feed them the right cat food they'll always stink the room out after they've done a crap.

  jvanevery  |  19

make sure he's not eating anything wild,
he might need a trip to the vet
feralcat got into the house took a dump as soon as she did my cat started screaming about the smell on the smell was truly ungodly