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Today, my boss reached over and yanked up my shirt right above my breasts while she said, "I'm all for flaunting it if you've got it, but don't reveal that much cleavage, there are dirty old men that work here." FML
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she's just trying to help *old dirty men groan and walk away*


BananaSticker 0

So what? You're mad because he saved you from possibly getting yourself raped? I bet you're the type that wear revealing clothes but is disgusted when men male comments on your body or stare at your boobs. -.-

DudeImBetter 0

so your mad cause you got something to flaunt hmm makes sense op I would be mad too fyl.

I hate women who reveal cleavage and expect men not to look, OP deserves it for being a hypocritical bitch.

skanksonaplane 0

she was probably expecting to get a few looks

lol 26 I'm jacking off into a margarine tub as I looked ur cleavage right now

killabee 0

Really 16? Saved her from getting raped? I take it your of the "well she was asking for it for wearing that" mindset.

BananaSticker 0

As a matter of fact I am. Of course, I know people are going to get raped regardless of what they're wearing, but they're only provoking it even more when they wear revealing clothes.

iSitt 0

why do women go through the effort to show off their breasts then get upset when you look at them ?

Jessi2487 0

im no brain surgeon but i think if OP would wear less revealing tops, her boss wouldnt yank her by the shirt.... but im no brain surgeon

26 I'd a prime example of flaunting. But I must say, I'm a 23 year old male. If a cute girl with nice jeans or a low cut top walks by, I'm going to look, it's natural. And don't lie ladies you know what you're doing. If you didn't want guys looking you wouldn't show them off. Especially the girls who have tattoos on them!

alliewillie 22

she sounds like a cool boss to me, especially since she didn't get onto you for being too revealing. she was just looking out for you, WAAAH. people are so whiny these days.

if you have boobs, it's often difficult to find a nice v-neck that doesn't expose some cleavage. ideally, women should be able to wear what they want without the assumption that their skin is then public domain. of course, that's neither here nor there when it comes to your place if work. it's called dressing professionally, OP!


I can't believe anyone here believes this load if shit. what boss would EVER pull a coworker's shirt up over her head? give me a break...this is ridiculous.

if you're gonna doubt FMLs, you might as well doubt all of them. i mean, it's not like we can prove any of 'em are really true, and most probably aren't. who cares?

KiddNYC1O 20

26- apparently, you got a few...

KingDingALing 9

Uhhhh...what does "flaunting" even mean? :/

shutup 32 if 16 said that person A saved person B from bad situation A, that does not mean she finds it acceptable. so for dumb people like you, let me rephrase that: if 16 says that the boss saved the op from getting raped, that doesn't mean she finds it okay that someone got raped, even if they were wearing provocative clothes. in this case, yes they are, but the first opinion does not make the second opinion a certainty.

steelersjackson 0

stop whining. it's not a fml it's more like a thank you for saving me from those dirty old men who would rape me as I walk to my car:)

so 101 what you're saying is that on an extreme heatwave, I can just go out naked and not expect people to look. it's human, it's natural, men are programmed to look. how else do we look for a potential mate? personality may be more important and if you already know someone and grow more attached, then go for it, but if it's a stranger and you have the intention of looking for a mate, then by all means, check the outside first.

ShadyFTW1 0

26 u are so hot it's unfair. Just sayin

hahaha nice pic 26 , if it's you of course

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op, can u lactate on my dick and use it as lotion to jack me off

katiegurl19512 10

that's not a fml that's good advice lol

113 do you see those words in my post? no? then it's not what i'm saying. my point is that showing cleavage is always seen as asking for attention. i'm sure people will still look, but i don't think it should always be interpreted as women wanting to oggled. my apologies if my comment didn't make that clear.

god thank you! someone with sense. Fml is hardly worth reading these days XD oh god I stubbed my toe, FML XP

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Sunsbeenkind 0

Because we want hot guys looking at them, not dirty old fat *****.

I really hope you all understood that OP wasn't upset that people were looking at her. The point of the FML is that her boss rudely pulled her shirt up.

jamieleigh_315 0

110 I'm just guessing u didn't read the reply to 32, wen 16 said that YES IN FACT they were the type of person to say if I woman had on revealing she'd most likely get raped. Like the clothes that lady was wearing would provoke a rapist to rape her.

207: If you need to put your cleavage on display, it only makes me think you're making up for a face as ugly as sin. Those hot guys you're after have got better girls to ogle.

gravy4u 5

Woman wear sexy clothes to show off to other woman. Saying that they are sexier but at the same time. Men are attractive to sexy =$

@16 So the female body is deserving of rape on its own?

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I'd sure like to meet your boss :)

why is your dog wearing pants? does this mean you aren't? I'd sure like to meet you:)

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lol first to say yur life sux cuz itdoes n second to say yu deserve it cuz yu do lol!

shortyshort21 0

she's just trying to help *old dirty men groan and walk away*

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah, shes lucky that you didn't get really yelled at because of your clothes. When I first read it I thought the boss was a man in which case this would have been much worse

OochenSnoochen 15

Still pretty good looking without em.

I'd give you some of mine, if I could, lmao. They really aren't all they're cracked up to be.

RedPillSucks 31

There are lots of guys who'd think you (both) look fine irrespective of your breast size

9 & 30 both of you are beautiful. so no worries, alright?

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alexaluvee 0

no. that's lucky then you don't have to feel all uncomfortable doing certain things

aaww 30 you have boobs! :) 9 plastic surgery never hurt anyone! ( except MJ) :P

banananut 0

boobs are lame. i'd rather be skinny than have boobs anyway. plus, they're just like bags of fat. so attractive.

#158 You can be skinny and have big boobs... and you would be surprised what people find attractive.

boobs are great fun no matter what size ;) PS fake boobs are just plain gross

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Having boobs really aren't that great. They actually get in the way a lot! Not fun. Take it from me.

Thats cuz ur old smartass. When ur youg they're great!!!

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