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By  xlord  |  27

Well he clearly isn't over you, so at least you can take solace in the fact that you will move on to better things while he will simply cry about losing you.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I don't think he wants her back, I think he just really wanted to hurt her as much as possible because he's mad at her. If he wanted her back than he wouldn't ruin his chances so severely by doing what he did. I think he's just mad at her for the way the relationship was, or how it ended, and wanted to hurt her, which he accomplished. However, now I think she's going physically hurt him; if her dad doesn't get to him first. ;)

  Tiny_Nerd  |  14

Not necessarily #35. People who are THAT fucked in the head don't always think about the long-term ramifications of hurting people. Usually abusive, manipulative personalities try to turn people (especially family and friends) against their target in an effort to control them. They want them to feel pain yes, but they don't necessarily think that it will hurt their future chances of getting back together. People who are that warped in the head (usually with some sort of sociopathy or narcissism) usually only think that they are "making the person (boyfriend, girlfriend, friend---hell anyone) pay for doing *insert action*", because in their minds they deserve it for daring to do anything they don't like.

  jelrid  |  30

"It was at that point when the ex realized just how much of a mistake he had made. Clearly, he didn't see that coming. Ever again...."

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I hope your dad stopped him mid-sentence, yelled at him for sharing something so personal and private and told him if he repeated that to anyone else then he'd kick his butt, and kicked him out of his house. That's how I'd hope my dad would handle the situation. I wouldn't want him to just sit there and let him keep talking. How did your dad react op?

  erin_girl  |  6

Dad isn't mad at me at all... It's all directed towards my ex. I have 3 big brothers, so between them and dad I feel like my ex is going to get what's coming to him. :)

By  guttedbrit  |  26

that's disgusting, childish and downright low. Ultimately what happened in your relationship is private, and he is the one that will end up humiliated when he eventually runs into your dad. You're well rid of him, OP!