By sarah - 11/02/2012 06:36 - United States

Today, I ate an entire pack of breath mints in preparation for a date. Instead of giving me fresh breath, it gave me a terrible case of diarrhea. FML
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Well next time brush your teethes , instead of just covering your bad breath .


At least you're gona be smelling better.

11- you're so superior to everyone who doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

Maybe I just can't be bothered typing that much and I want you to get a lyf, yes lyf

45- The same way it wouldn't hurt just to let it be and keep it to yourself.

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Dirty mouth? Clean it over with orbit.

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I hope it makes you all feel better to put someone down because of THEIR looks. Does the phrase "cyber bullying" mean anything to you? Tell me, how would you feel if you were male being told you look like a female? Or maybe you have a learning disability and can't spell well. I understand that it happens especially on a site like this. But let's do something crazy and actually talk about the topic for once and stop putting everyone down. I don't even care if I get thumbs down.

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Op eating a whole thing of mints would make anyone sick. I agree with the other people who say just brush your teeth. Maybe floss and swish with your choice of mouth wash if your that worried.

we have no basis to think he has a learning disability and even if he did many people who do know the difference between your and you're and how to spell gonna correctly although I do agree not to say anything about appearance but I think people just shouldn't comment on profile pictures

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Totally not the point of what I was saying. It was more to the people who get bashed repeatedly for their grammer when they really do try. They just want to put their opinion in too, like you. Yes there is a difference between there their and they're but honestly people make mistakes. That's just life.

at least he didn't say ur or use leet speak

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86- I'm not trying to pick a fight with you or start an argument but how do you know it wasn't a mistake? There is faster and I used it till probably the end of high school till I really understood. I still make the occasional mistake. The comment wasn't aimed at you at all. It was more in general. I didn't mean for you to feel I was pointing you out. Sorry if you felt that way. I just felt sorry for all the mean comments 1 received. Which is the main reason I wrote what I did. But this is my last comment here. I've written enough novel length comments on here for people to go through. Take care

89 - There is the same length as their.

She might be smelling good from one end.. But not the other end!

Seriously you are letterist ... Its their damn wish how they type or not, its a place to comment and have fun, not for english class lol and yea i know its "it's" jhandu :p

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Benabus- Shut. The. ****. Up. You have fun correcting everyone's grammar/spelling, but you have atrocious grammar/spelling yourself.

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I wonder if OP knew it was the mints from the burning sensation.

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119- the mints came out the other end too...

Mints don't come in a plastic tub with a clicky top bro.. You ate laxatives... :P

Very true, but I don't think mint overpowers that smell.............

The substitute sugar they use,usually xilitol( don't know how to spell it) causes diarrhea if you eat alot of it...

I like hot mints and hot guys like Toxzik ;)

Did the thought of brushing your teeth and using some mouthwash never come to mind?

that must have been a shitty situation

150 - if the sweets are 'diabetic' friendly then yeah they'll have the sweeteners, though what they take out in sugar they put back in in carbohydrates through the sugar substitutes making it just as bad for diabetics, type 1 at least In my case, I don't get diarrhoea, I just get gassy xD

But it usually says it on the pack that eating them all at once will do that. Mine does.

He better not run out on her. That would be pretty crappy and it would make him a shitstain

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Eating to many mints gives my mouth a burning sensation... I cant imagine how her butthole felt...

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Indeed it does say that on the pack. It's all the fake sugar.

The kind you put in your mouth and suck and chew on DUH!

All mints have sweeteners in them to much of that causes a laxative effect.

okay, thanks 10. I didn't get why it would do that...

Pity I found that out the hard way like op :-(

Well any aspartame bothers my stomach, so maybe they were sugar-free mints?

7 seems to know alot about sucking and chewing.

Anything containing sorbitol has a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

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Even a normal amount of mints, gum, or other artificially sweetened food can cause digestive issues. Most commonly, that would be boating and gas. I didn't even realize that gum was bothering my stomach until I stopped chewing it for a while.

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My mints often cause boating it's a annoying side effect especially since I don't own a boat. What side effects will they give us next?

I think it's the actual mint part that does it, not the sugar or sweetener.

In her worrisome state over the date, op mistook pill-form ex-lax for altoids. F her life x(

You dumb mofos. Peppermint oil is known to aid digestion. Too much of it = too much digestion = diarrhea.

Most mints use sorbitol and/or sugar alcohol, which, if consumed in large amounts, will give you diarrhea.

Unlucky, should've used only a couple mints....

She should try brushing her teeth next time.

Yep, brush your teeth once. Take one mint. If your breath is still funky after this, you need to consult a dentist about your halitosis.

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Also, brush your tongue -- that is supposedly where most of the smell comes from.

Breathmints my ASS you shoulda just had me take a vile fart in your mouth OP the end result wouldve been fantabulous breath!

What a terrible attempt to try and be funny.

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How would something vile end up smelling fantabulous. Ya ****.

What a terrific attempt to be troll. 6 just made a TROLL out of himself.

So how's that date going OP? And did it say it causes diarrhoea on the packaging?

Well next time brush your teethes , instead of just covering your bad breath .

Lol teethes lol reminds me of a friend who pronounced teeth like that :-)

I Blame it on autocorrect :p , but really English isn't my first language .