By can't breathe - 22/11/2010 11:33 - Australia

Today, I was feeling nauseous and my cat was comforting me. I breathed in through my nose, and my cat's fur caused me to sneeze. I sneezed so hard, I threw up out my nose. Nothing will get rid of the smell from within my nasal cavity. FML
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The best line is, "My cat was comforting me." I wish my cat comforted me like that. Selfish little jerk!

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some cocaine oughta get the smell out

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cats don't have the capacity for compassion. they are conniving, pretentious, snobby and most importantly cough up fur balls. this was it's plan to make you suffer whilst it grows stronger from your discomfort and pain.

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Happened to me a couple weeks ago. I also ate jalepenos that day :(

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As long as the taste is gone out if the nasal cavity you're all good!

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um people can't taste with their nose...just thought I'd toss that out there.

Actually, people do indeed taste with their nose. Ever had a cold or blocked nose and can't taste food properly? Do some research before you post something. Better yet, don't post.

rockyraccoon28 8

dang it, marinus, you beat me to saying that.

Shiamah 0

the nose only assists with taste. and also I was simply pointing out that the comment sounded off so no need to insult ppl.

it's like this one time, I had like biscuit things called Ritz, and I was eating them but my friend had a REALLY powerful smelling banana, abd I smelt it and then the Biscuits tasted a little bit like banana. it was gross :)

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your the ******* one insulting asshole! stop going around the ******* world correcting people like your such a genius!

Wow...seriously, cool your jets, friend. That's a hell of a way to make a first impression. But while I'm at it... You're* insulting,* Stop* you're* Sorry, I couldn't help it. I feel dirty.

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Ugh stupid app didn't post my comment. It's having one of those days I guess. Is anyone other than me wondering how it managed to reach the nasal cavity? I didn't know that was possible. I mean, yea it happens with drinks, but that's because you're in the process of swallowing it.

The best line is, "My cat was comforting me." I wish my cat comforted me like that. Selfish little jerk!

it's okay you probably have friends. considering op's only means of comfort is their cat I wouldn't be jealous.

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wow that sucks. I didn't even know that was possible... that's disgusting

I'm pretty sure that if you tilt your head forward too much when throwing up it can come out of your nose too.

every time I throw up I'd get alil tiny bit of em out of my nose too. doesn't that happen to u?

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Hahha Aww, You should be happy you're cat tried to comfort you, My cat wouldn't give a freak -.- Should have thrown up on the cat though :/

I bet you blew chunks on your cat, didn't you?