By taptheturtle - United States
Today, I was waiting in the lobby of a modeling agency for my interview to be a potential model and I was next in line. They called "NEXT!" and I walked in with a smile on my face. They stared at my face for a moment and then started yelling "NEXT". FML
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By  hiandbye  |  0

That's the way the business is... don't take it personally. You just don't have the right "look" for them. It's actually very common to be treated like this when you're a model.

By  ravioli221  |  0

Modeling is a tough game, the fact that you got in the door was a good sign. They can make decisions in a snap based on your behavior to decide your potential, I'd wait for a callback, may have good news for you.

By  qwertyuiop8989  |  0

Idk why ugly bitches think they have a shot at modeling whent they're fugly! You must think a little bit too highly of yourself and someone finally told you the truth that you aint all that and a bag of chips.