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Today, I watched "The Vow" with my girlfriend. When the movie ended, we walked out to the theatre's lobby, and I heard her mutter, "I deserve a guy like him." FML
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And they say chick flicks are good for men

No one can beat Channing Tatum. It's impossible I'm sorry..


And they say chick flicks are good for men

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That's what Abraham Lincoln thought to..... I'm sure he would have preferred being single..

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Now he knows to never EVER take her to a chick flick again. Only go to movies where the dudes are douches... then you'll look good... Or you can just be nice to her (if you're mean)

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Awe, don't take it personal, OP. Like every teenage girl wants an Edward Cullen, every girl wants a Channing Tatum ;)

Yeah, she definitely deserves a man with a "Hollywood actor" looks, with a perfect personality which you can only find in fictional stories (sarcasm).. She needs to get her head out of her ass and get REAL.

yeah if you take them to a play at least you'll get a bj

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No you only get the ******* from musicals.

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#52 yea but lincoln got his head blown a different way

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messed up thing to say considering the fact that OP watched a romantic chick flick with his many guys do that??...

Aw man, I wanna go see it but I have no one to go with! Sigh, forever alone :(

120 girls say chick flicks are boyfriend manuals.

That's why I dread going to see it. I know I deserve better.

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Did I say that I was going through that? I'm single for a reason. I was making a comment and that was the first thing that popped into my head. That her reason that she deserves better, is why I kinda dont want to see it.

You definitely made it sound like you had a crappy bf just sayin

#2 This isn't Dr. Phil. Dont't come on here looking for sympathy and attention. Unless you have something to say about OPs post, don't comment.

My nanny rapes me. Please give the sympathy/attention that I rightfully deserve.

2, Usually when girls say they deserve better it's because they've never really taken a good look at themselves. You, like this guys girlfriend, have probably got unrealistic expectations that haven't been met because you overvalue yourself. Its good to believe in yourself and have standards, but they need to be kept both realistic and in check. Not that society or the media help with this at all.

2 - is your screen name the nick name you get from every ex boyfriend?

Naw, what you and OP prabavly deserve is a good ole CUNTPUNCH!

I love how all of you use this site to attack and make fun of everyone. I personally can relate to the op post. So I said what I said. I'm sure none of you are perfect. And I don't have unrealistically high expectations. But a girl can dream right?

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But how do you deserve "better" when you don't even have a boyfriend? You deserve better than what?

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154 - There's a difference between dreaming, which is perfectly okay, and actually thinking you deserve somebody like the actor in the movie. Plenty of girls drooled over Taylor Lautner in the Twilight series but only the ones who genuinely believed they would marry him were crazy.

NgIt's not about finding the right person, it's about becoming the right person and learning to be what each other needs. That's why me and my girlfriend have been together so long.

Better than what I've had. Not to round conceited but I get hit on all the time. And it's not about looks for me. They need to be somewhat attractive. Not drop dead gorgeous. I deserve someone who will treat me right.

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Deserving and wanting are two different things, you make it seem as if having a boyfriend is owning one. When you rate your bf like that you make him more of a material item rather than an actual person with feelings just like you, ps the vow is a freaking move, which is fantasy, stop relating your real lives to movies.

176 you're probably the chick that thinks everybody likes you, but as the downward thumbs may suggest, you're wrong.

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Absolutely but if these totaly unrealistic fairytale fantasies of what a guy should be is effecting your real life relationships then its a problem first and foremost if you really are in love you dont compare them to someone else

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#81 oh Stfu. Let her post what she pleases.

#176, Just shut up. Please. You sound like a Femi-Nazi ho who searches for attention, and strives from sympathy. No one likes that. Maybe one of the reasons your "Boyfriends" don't treat you right. You sound annoying as ****. It's cool to think highly of yourself but let's be honest. If you're over there saying that you "deserve someone better", you don't. Hate to break it to you, but movies are nothing like real life.

Perhaps they do deserve better? But yeah, usually people just have unrealistic expectations from their partners. Like (an example) fat people who go and say "I don't date fat people" and then they throw a tantrum when they themselves get rejected for being fat after they ask a fit person out. Add some "That bitch/bastard is shallow!" on the top for the perfect hypocrisy.

Offer to give her the brain damage yourself(;

Later you should mutter, " I deserve a girl like her", when a hot chick walks by.

Or after watching a porno with her, fight unrealistic expectations with equally unrealistic expectations

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Just ignore all her "kinky" initiatives or, you know, dump her?

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It's twilight all over again. :-l

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Except the appearance of sparkly vampires is hopefully excluded.

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That movie actually depressed my boyfriend and me, and sadly ended in an argument. It's just better to watch a zombie movie...

That's why it's a movie I'd mutter welcome to the real world lol

Yup. It's based on Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The wife never regained her memory, but stayed married. They have two children.

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Just because it's based on a true story doesn't mean it's an accurate representation of people and their personalities. It'll be idealized, because that's what people want.

No one can beat Channing Tatum. It's impossible I'm sorry..

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Gerard Butler beats Channing Tatum by far!

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Well, actually, Michael Fassbender is better in both looks and acting ability, and that's just one example of a hot actor who's actually talented, so not really.

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cooLING 0

Damn! I forgot about Michael Fassbender. I rescind my prior comment.

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66- Chuck Norris would kill you for saying that..

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I don't understand the whole obsession over celebrities, but I think my fiance is pretty great!

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Nah, michael cera all the way :D

I've never understood appeal of this Channing guy. He's not that hot and he seems boring and unintelligent.

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Are we forgetting about Bradley Cooper here people?!

140 I completly disagree Channing Catum is hotter than the sun and he doesn't seem boring at all, and I think he is an amazing actor!

I have to agree with 140 I don't understand the appeal of Channing tatum. He's not that great of an Johnny Depp yes.

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Haha yeah I was just about to say that! Do you blame her? Jk op your prob a nice guy! :)

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Me, rampage jackson and gary coleman can beat channing tatum

I thought that came out on valentines day???

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Same here. The commerical says it'll be out FOR Valentines Day though not ON Valentines day.

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Well, movies usually come out on Fridays, and Valentines Day isn't on Friday. Plus, like the person above said, it was FOR Valentines Day, not ON.

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she doesn't want to be ****** by him.

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Guys be realistic it's a 1 in 5 chance to end up with Hottt movie stars..

Un natural looking muscles and Botox isn't hot. A southern gentleman is extremely sexy.

Maybe she was talking about you. You never know...

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Proud of you for being the only one here who could find a positive side to that comment.