By spiderwoman - 15/04/2011 11:47 - United Kingdom

Today, I saw a spider crawling across a poster in my bedroom, so I smacked the spot below it to scare the spider into climbing back up the wall. Instead, because the poster wasn't completely flat to the wall, I catapulted the spider straight into my face. FML
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Why were you trying to get it to climb up the wall? You should've just killed the thing.

And this is why I fear spiders... because thy can jump on you :l


not yay! what's worse is when you're in the shower getting your freaky on and then you notice a cockroach climbing on the shower curtains :(

In soviet russia.... people just would have killed the spider.

yea.. killing it would have solved the problem. and I dunno about roaches but the first half maybe

22 If you were 'Getting your freaky on' in the shower, then I'm sure the cockroach was just trying to get front row seats to the show. I know I would have wanted to watch too.

what's worse is when a fuzzy caterpillar jumps on you and spits stuff on you. D:

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23 - nooo. In soviet russia spider kills you!

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ew! I would've started to cry!

I would of smacked that bitch with the back of my hand, the spider that is :)

35, did it turn you on? Cause that shit sound sexy.

In Soviet, Russia, spider keep you as pet.

Why were you trying to get it to climb up the wall? You should've just killed the thing.

YDI! I would have killed it!! And Im deathly afraid of spiders!

agree with 3. what a dumbass. "let's scare a spider to crawl up a wall! yea that's smarter then killing it!"

YOU guys are... read again the spider was on the POSTER... would have ruined it to just squash the spider on it

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I know right?! I always call my mom over to kill it. I'm a pussy, I know.

51-I used to do the same thing. now I'm in college an just scream until the guy in the apartment next to me runs over. I think he's getting tired of it though.

33-but if u think about it,ur killing it straight away so there won't be any pain

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omg, why would you kill an innocent animal just like that?! If anything, take it outside...

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I would be so afraid. Unfortunately, spiders are my biggest fear. I'm also afraid of killing them. It is so inconvenient when there's one in my house.

They said your are always within 5 feet of atleast one spider

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Yeah I heard that statistic, but I immediately went into denial and listened to calming music. That's just how I deal with news that upsets me.

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its said you swallow at least 8 spiders a year unknowingly

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Hah, I thought I was the only one that's happened to before.

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13 - NO THIS IS SPARTA!! (my profile picture) ;) :P

At least it didn't go in your mouth, right?