By ER Birthday

Unhappy Birthday

Today, I got home from the hospital. Yesterday was my birthday, and I got a piece of steak caught in my lower esophagus, resulting in a trip to the ER and an overnight stay so they could put me under and fish it out. I’m not allowed meat for a month while they find out what caused it. FML
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They said an allergic reaction possibly to meat caused my esophagus to swell and that’s why it got stuck. Cutting into smaller pieces won’t prevent that from happening again.

By  guiltyschuldig49  |  12

OP here! I should probably clarify that they said I had an allergic reaction to a meat that caused my esophagus to swell and that’s why the steak got stuck. Can’t eat meat while they figure out which one it was. Which sucks as I’m a seafood lover.