By sleepingbeauty - 24/04/2016 08:45 - United States - Jackson

Today, I got in a fight with my boyfriend. I sent him a long message pouring my heart out about how hurt I am that he constantly ignores me or responds to almost everything I say in monosyllables. He texted back "ok". FML
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Maybe it's a good idea to talk face to face about how you feel

Stop texting him, and confront him, cause you deserve better.


TWayne95 13

At least he gave you a dual syllable response?

UserError94 18

Glad I'm not the only one thatnoticed! Maybe he pronounced it "awk"?

bronxiecat777 14

Maybe it's a good idea to talk face to face about how you feel

Steve97 32

Or just dump him for being a dick?

Ideally, yes. But it can be hard for some people to say how they really feel in person. Which is why some people do so via text.

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It's possible that they have talked face to face since OP gave 2 examples of their communication. Some people just don't care to engage in conversation. And if that's the case with your boyfriend, you may be better off without. Sorry OP.

He obviously doesn't care about her feelings or he wouldn't have replied "ok". But they do need a face to face discussion to see what's in his mind.

I will offer some insight into a similar situation. I always tell my boyfriend that I refuse to argue or communicate serious issues via text. If he wants to write novels via text about his feelings, my response is usually "Okay." Does that mean I don't care? Of course not. Does that mean I would rather not have a thumb-war with someone back and forth and type novels? That's exactly what that means. Also #65, being uncomfortable communicating things in person is no excuse. When you're in a relationship, that's part of the responsibility of being with someone else. Proper communication. It's best done face-to-face. It's easier, faster, and you don't feel like chucking your phone at a wall if you don't like what you read. And yes, I will accept being the asshole for being the one to say it. Sorry guys.

He might not be as invested in the relationship as you

Or maybe he's an entirely reasonable person that realizes no serious discussion should ever happen over text. Please read #79 above your post. she is a reasonable person.

Stop texting him, and confront him, cause you deserve better.

Does she though? She texted him instead of talking face to face. She sounds like a drama queen.

Or maybe it's a long distance relationship and she couldn't talk to him face to face?

Skype or a phone call then, if it's long distance.

maybe the problem here is that he is a dick and you are desperate

Misswildsides 22

Desperate for what? Him to show her that she actually means something to him? I don't see a problem with that.

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Desperate enough to put up with his bullshit. OP deserves better.

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Don't hate on the man for speaking the truth.

what an asshat! might be time to find someone else op!

Sorry op, that really sucks. Maybe it's time to have a face to face talk