By dontrapeme - 26/09/2012 10:30 - United States

Today, while at the gym, a very large man walked over to me and said, "I like wearing all orange to the gym." Not wanting to be rude, I asked why. He looks me up and down and said, "It reminds me of prison." I think I'm going to be jumped. FML
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OP isn't going to prison. The guy who likes orange came from prison!

I know that. People do shower at the gym though.

They don't normally here, but point taken

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People don't shower after workouts there? I hope the squirrel man is there to save him from his local nasty Nate.

I think the better advice would be "don't shower"

41- and what?? End up with mild under their fat rolls? No thanks.

71, OP could shower at home... Just like Perdix said.

Op- I don't think being jumped is going to be the issue.

your buthole before prison . your buthole after prison 0

I wouldn't have ran. My knees would have buckled and I'd piss myself.

Run the **** out of there before you get your liver lacerated by OG Mudbone.

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Who would want to be reminded of prison?

My thoughts exactly. This guy must be pretty twisted if he WANTS to be reminded of prison. Either that, or he has a bizarre sense of humor and wanted to scare OP and that was the best random bullshit he could come up with.

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And make sure he's in front of you at all times. He could surprise you from behind...literally

Your profile pic made your comment so much betrer

Tell him he should start wearing all pink; the better to tap into his feminine side.

He might as well write a formal request for a kicking of ass if he does that.

I wasn't writing that comment for OP's benefit; I was writing it for the bystanders. I would love to see that confrontation as a spectator.

Yea, I'd love to see an ass-kicking as well.

Do that and he might tap into your feminine side, with his penis.

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Just because he was in prison doesn't mean he's a tough guy, he could be a bitch

Better make a run for it OP. At least while you still can. :(

But when you run, run with your butt facing away from him.

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I don't think being jumped is what you have to worry about. It gets lonely in prison.

Cuz he used to **** little boys like u in prison bitch, and if u were there, u may be spending alot of time on ur knees if u ask dumb questons like taht

Motivation to work out harder...? This way you won't be afraid of being jumped, you can take em! Lol

It will strengthen his muscles in his rectum so he may be better prepared for big bob's "encounter" with his asshole

Take them? Sure.... if you mean take a dick up your ass.

You're gonna get fat man slammed if you don't hurry your tiny ass out of there.