By over_protected - 18/01/2010 12:28 - Canada

Today, I received a message from front desk that my concerned father is trying to contact me. I call only to hear that my parents were freaking out that I wasn't answering my phone. They saw me 9 hours ago. They were going to call the police. I'm in college and also don't live with them anymore. FML
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Call them at midnight and reassure them that you're fine. And again at 3am. And again at 5:30am.

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My mother was the same way when I first moved out. She would call just about every 2 hours "just to check on me." If I didn't call her by 9 pm every night she would freak out. She did almost call the cops once. I had to have a long talk with her about letting me grow up and be responsible and that I would call her once to twice a day and that was it. Just talk to your parents.


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:L Answer your phone next time!

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I'm with you OP..when I don't answer my phone my parents will call/text 10 times then start calling and texting any friends of mine they know and asking if I'm ok..I haven't lived with them for 4 years and I'm in my twenties. Did I mention all this was in like a 20 min time frame? Sigh..parents..FYL and FML

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She was at work. Not everyone keeps their cell phones on at work, and a lot of places have policies against that.

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Dude! Me too. I'm in college and I'm 19. If my mom goes 3 hours without hearing from me she calls Campus Security, my friends, my boyfriend, and anyone else she can think of. FYL OP. I Feel your pain.

Are they senile?

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oh jeez your parents care about you, fuck your life D:

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BIG difference between caring for your child...and refusing to let them live their own life. OP: Everytime I go out with friends, my parents demand that I call them every 2 hours to tell them what I'm doing. I've told my mom that it's not going to be like that when I go off to college and she said "We'll see." Like hell I'm going to call them every few hours to tell her "I'm walking to/from class/home".

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Yeah, there's a big difference between caring... and obsessing. It's positively, absolutely great that they care so much, but everything needs to be in moderation. Including paranoia. Especially paranoia.

my parents do that too. its really insulting to not be given any form of independence, especially when youre in university and not living in the house anymore. of course, youre probably still relying on them to pay for your college, so you gotta just bare with it. be nice to the people that pay your bills. lol

Until your 18 and not living in their house, you have no independence. When you do move out/18, make your own independence; they will not give it to you, so you must take it. Don't answer the phone when they call.

My parents claimed I wasn't "normal" when I ignored their phone calls! I did it so I could get independence

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yea, and how is that a bad thing? maybe I didn't read it right... *sigh*

overprotective much?

Wow, overprtective much, that's more than a little extreme. At least you know they care about you... maybe a little too much but, still.

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Honestly, when one of the other recent FMLs has someone whose mother has paid $10 child support in the last 16 years ... you really don't have a damn thing to complain about.

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OMG KILL URSELF QUICK! UR PARENTS CARE ABOUT U OMFG!!! bet u wish u were never born now dont u! i mean kids get abused my their parents every day but that doesnt compare TO THEM CARING ABOUT U! FYL

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Actually, psychologically speaking, pampering can be far more detrimental to one's eventual mental state than neglect.

I still have to agree with 11 bc sooooo many kids are getting abused right now andd everyone is like whoaa holy shitt your parents care about you BAD BAD. shut up. lol

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I think its time for the OP to cut the cord!!