By itsemilyc - 02/02/2015 19:34 - United States - Byron Center

Today, my boyfriend "accidentally" had sex with my roommate. FML
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"I fell down the stairs while erect and she just so happened to be at the bottom bent over naked."

marcmaralou 15

they tripped, right?


marcmaralou 15

they tripped, right?

Well, he surely tripped up at least for being such a lame excuse for a human being and using such a lame excuse.

Tripped, fell, landed on his dick

hugozac88 22

He tripped and landed inside her already moist ******... Shesh people it happens all the time (insert sarcasm)

#42. I up voted you but to many people here won't get the sarcasm even though you said it.

royceda510 10

Alright shady

thepersonyouknow 9

Its alright i get the joje

I hope he had a random condom on when he tripped!

Eminem- guilty conscirnce

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

now you can "accidentally " kick him in the dick xD

Well then "accidentally" break up with him.

Then "accidentally" kick him between the legs, so that he won't do that again.

Or "accidentally" slash his tires...just screams vengeful ex gf

& #67 no, just no

"Accidental" castration and decapitation.

SystemofaBlink41 27

"Accidental" arrest.

#39 that is technically assault that she could be arrested for so be careful who you give that advice to.

"I fell down the stairs while erect and she just so happened to be at the bottom bent over naked."

"And every time I tried to pull it out, I accidentally pushed it back in over and over and over again."

"But don't worry: I was accidentally thinking of you!!"

"I was teaching her how to do push-ups."

I accidentally put on a faulty condom too

There's always that guy who kills it

Fuck if I care, haha.

Lol that was terrible.

It kept sucking me back in every damn time I tried to pull out..

Are you "accidentally" going to break up with him?

accidents happen.

Are you op's ex?

yeah like pouring water on his games console: accidently of course!

5- Sure, it was a boating accident. He hit her between the legs with his kayak.

Don't worry msasandman, I get sarcasm

Like your existence #5

Ooooh too far #109..

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Nah, he could still press charges for damage of property. He cheated but he didn't physically harm her.

"Accidently" cheat and break up with him.

Break up; yes. Cheat; no. I won't say he doesn't deserve it, but if the OP cheats, she can be blamed for cheating, while he started everything. There's no reason to do stuff that can be used against you in the future.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

7--agreed. an eye for an eye.

Why do you think those laws still aren't used in society, #56?

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Why would he get hurt if she cheats? He doesn't care anyways. Why stoop down to his level for no reason?

#7, you have it wrong. Break up, then **** whomever you wish.

Well you need a new boyfriend and a new roommate.

Wow, so many 'accidentally' comments XD! Ditch the both of them OP, it's the best thing to do

#10 So many of them, yet no a single one follows the canonical "I accidentally [noun]. Is this dangerous?". I am disappoint.

So he tripped and "accidentally" fell into her?