By Anonymous - 23/12/2014 21:48 - United States - Gainesville

Today, my boyfriend slept with my sister. "Accidentally", apparently. FML
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Wow that sucks! Sorry OP, better off without him!

Yeah, so now OP can "accidentally" dump his ass

I'm not saying what they did was okay. But op is gonna have to talk to her sister at some point.

Well #18 them is not a very reasonable thin to say as much as it blows that is quite unreasonable

#120 - well, the sister's actions weren't exactly reasonable...

#18, you have to stand by family. Unless they're horrible, toxic people. But you still make 10x the effort you would put in for OPs scumbag boyfriend.

He's lucky it just happened to be his girlfriend's sister. Can you imagine if he slipped over and his grandma happened to be standing in the wrong place? It would've been a terrible occurrence for all involved.

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Not just naked, but naked and unafraid.

Walking around naked is the easiest way to clean and not soil your clothes!

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And then out of her and into her again. Unless he's a one pump chump

That's a funny way to fall on someone. Sorry that happened miss, nobody deserves that. :( Your hopefully now ex boyfriend and sister are terrible people for doing that to you

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And kids and an episode of Maury

Dump him "accidentally" & have a talk with your sister. Who the hell sleeps with their sister's boyfriend?

Happens more often than you think. Seen about 10 or 15 FMLs very similar to this one.

not to forget a couple dozen movies revolving around "accidental" bf-sister sleepover

My ex girlfriend's sister would actually stay single and wait for my ex to get a boyfriend. As soon as my ex got a boyfriend, her sister would try to steal them and have sex with them. My ex told me it worked on a lot of guys.

All I can say is that some people have next to no morals :/

Morals is relative. Just because they don't share the same morals as you doesn't mean they lack them.

Idk about you, #83... But this is a pretty terrible way to treat another individual. Especially your sibling. No matter what your morals are.

#83, I can understand thressomes. (I don't support it, but some people have fun) I can understand stealing someones boyfriend because you're "better". (There's apparentkly something called the "ladder theory of dating" based off the concept) But surely it's immoral to specifically steal your sister's boyferinds for sport. Unless both sister's think it's a good competition. (It's still weird as all hell, but at least it's consentual...)

but if she dumps him, he'll be sad. That's going to really upset him


Accidentally bang his best friend. All's fair.

Wow, what an asshole. You should leave him OP

It's an easy mistake, but enough about your sister your boyfriends a jerk.

no its not an easy mistake. its her sisters BOYFRIEND. theyre both dumbasses, OP should be dine with the boyfriend and have a good old-fashioned beatdown with her sister

Careful you could choke on the irony of your statements.

Should we tell her, or hope she figures it out herself? Either way, I laughed harder than I should have. That was a clever one x)

It went to high over her head I think, just let it go.

#46 I had to look closely to see if you were blonde.