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  Mr23  |  9

#18, you have to stand by family. Unless they're horrible, toxic people. But you still make 10x the effort you would put in for OPs scumbag boyfriend.

  Dave_Davington  |  33

He's lucky it just happened to be his girlfriend's sister. Can you imagine if he slipped over and his grandma happened to be standing in the wrong place? It would've been a terrible occurrence for all involved.

By  Wolfparable  |  22

That's a funny way to fall on someone.

Sorry that happened miss, nobody deserves that. :(
Your hopefully now ex boyfriend and sister are terrible people for doing that to you

  Z3R0G5  |  23

My ex girlfriend's sister would actually stay single and wait for my ex to get a boyfriend. As soon as my ex got a boyfriend, her sister would try to steal them and have sex with them. My ex told me it worked on a lot of guys.

  Mr23  |  9

I can understand thressomes. (I don't support it, but some people have fun)
I can understand stealing someones boyfriend because you're "better". (There's apparentkly something called the "ladder theory of dating" based off the concept)
But surely it's immoral to specifically steal your sister's boyferinds for sport. Unless both sister's think it's a good competition. (It's still weird as all hell, but at least it's consentual...)