By BreakingTheMood - 13/11/2013 18:08 - Finland - Vanda

Today, in the small hours of the morning, my roommate's boyfriend kicked his foot through the thin wall separating our bedrooms during sex. They didn't even stop. FML
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Zimmington 21

Next time start tickling his feet so It's kind of a threesome

Doesn't matter had sex?


Doesn't matter had sex?

Find a new roommate or move, OP. That's inconsiderate and just flat out gross. You shouldn't have to see your roommate and her boyfriend having sex.

euphoricness 28

OP's roommate is so rude. The least they could've done was invite her in. Tsk tsk

The damage was already done, why stop? After finishing is when they can start worrying!

Gingerette 8

@ #1: if anybody had sex in the last thirty minutes then you're qualified to sing with me!

incoherentrmblr 21

Animal House?

You gotta admire that dedication though.

There was no stopping that wild ride.

They probably were having intense sex, didn't want to miss out on an orgasm. Did you stay..??

...would you?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Since they didn't bother stopping, OP may as well start recording them and try to sell the tape to a porn company.... No? Excuse me as I head back to my creep corner.

No #44, was just plain curious is all !

Must have been pretty intense...

tompou6 19

Hope he paid for the repairs, though you may also want to put a steel plate in there XD

Zimmington 21

Next time start tickling his feet so It's kind of a threesome

perdix 29

#5, this morning, the topic of toe-sucking came up...

Zimmington 21

#24- I hadn't read that until after I made this comment. Maybe sucking them would've made it kinkier.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I still like the thought of OP tickling them. That'd be hilarious. If somebody tickled my feet while having sex I don't know if I would be be to continue on. Or it would end up being amazing from all the twists and thrusts the tickling would cause.

tell us more

It was just too good lol.

Throw a college math book at them

So specific...

Bad idea. Those things are so big, OP could get arraigned on attempted murder charges.

Sometimes you just have to finish when you're in the middle of the best part. Hopefully he pays for the damage.

evan_7899 28

Then sit back and enjoy the show

I can see that happening in a comedy film.