Happy anniversary!

By Anonymous - 10/10/2019 14:00 - United States

Today, it's my husband's and my first wedding anniversary. I came home from work hoping for at least a bouquet of flowers, only to find my husband passed out on the couch, with a few beer cans next to him. I guess I missed the party. FML
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did you get him flowers?

If you want roses on your piano, maybe you should put tulips on his organ.


shouldn't have gone to work then should you!

did you get him flowers?

Literally came to say the same thing! If you two didn't plan anything for that evening, (which is something for BOTH of you to decide) Can't blame him when you've done nothing in turn.

right! I mean, don't get me wrong giving is better than receiving, but unless I went all out and got nothing in return, then yeah I'd be super butthurt she should've drank some beers and passed out with him

If you want roses on your piano, maybe you should put tulips on his organ.

I have to first say, you cannot expect flowers from him if you don't buy him flowers. I buy for my husband. Also, you have to have a clue what he was like before you got married. You still married him.

The traditional gift for the one year anniversary is paper. You ought to give that drunken slob some divorce papers.

OP, you sure DID! (Good luck :-)

All the comments about buying him flowers are stupid. I like flowers. My husband doesn’t. If you expected flowers getting him something he would enjoy in return makes more sense. Now if he enjoys flowers that’s great, but I’m sorry your anniversary didn’t go as you expected.