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By Anonymous - 05/12/2022 16:00 - United States - University Park

Today, my roommate's girlfriend came to visit for a couple of days, and we fucked behind his back. My roommate told me he just tested positive for syphilis. FML
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Nico97 3

now you know why you might have it. his girlfriends a *****. you also got what you deserved. hope you like std's


now you know why you might have it. his girlfriends a *****. you also got what you deserved. hope you like std's

Marcella1016 31

Sounds like OP is a ***** too if we’re getting technical.

tiptoppc 19

ya but the op isn't in the relationship. but that's why I said they got what they deserved because it's wrong on both sides. their scum for sleeping with the roommates girlfriend

Nico97 3

Well, now you probably have it, too. Luckily, you can blame your roommate for giving you the disease seeing that you both use the same toilet seat. Keep your fingers crossed that he believes that that is a method of transmission.

Wrap it before you tap it - especially if you don't know where it's been. If a girl is willing to cheat on her BF who is your roommate with you, you can probably assume you're not the only one, and you almost certainly want to protect yourself. Be glad it's ONLY syphilis and that it's generally treatable.

tiptoppc 19

I got lymes disease from a very shady tick. It’s in the same genus as syphilis, treated the same. On doxycycline and it’s a right bitch on a 21 day coarse. He’s in for some serious side effects. It caused me to drop 40lbs down to 160, and in general makes me miserable. So OP deserves it, but trust me, that bacteria is a right bitch to deal with. Too bad mine came a deer tick that slept around. I didn’t even get to enjoy it. OP might want to go stick his dick in some bleach. At least one of us will get some entertainment from this pathogen.


At least let the poor **** know his GF is cheating you cold hearted lizard, but on a positive note you got some Karma served in the form of an STD…

Were you dumb enough to think she was being faithful you by only cheating on him with you?