By Anonymous - 26/04/2012 19:17 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I decided not to wear any makeup. I got told 13 times at work that I looked ill. FML
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Devoo 7


Don't worry, that's just society's way of saying "My beauty standards are screwed up".


Devoo 7


I call dibs on the Saiga-12!

Why do you decide not to wear any make-up? If you really look that terrible I guess you could see that yourself when you look in the mirror

^Thread-jacking zombie. Let's kill it!

23 they look ill because they cake so much on their face. And when I look in the mirror without make up on, I don't think, "WHOA I'M HIDEOUS". OP's self esteem probably isn't that low either. It most likely is now.

I call shotgun.

28 you're right, but I thought that when she saw herself in the mirror without and saw the difference with when she does have make-up on, she could prevent those offending comments at work.

DobiesJS2012 9

You deserve it OP. They didn't recognize you without the make up clods all over your face.

iNewKid - Beauty is not peripheral. It's all in the heart.

Amen 23. Some people just need it. That's why it's there.

hellbilly205 17

I think it would be awkward if OP is a guy...

KRS_13 0

I used to wear a lot of make up myself. I slowly started using less overtime and gradually got to the point to where no one noticed that I stopped.

True. The point of make-up is to enhance what good features you already have, while covering the bad features you might not want to show. For example, I have red splotchy cheeks that makes me look sunburnt all the time and a birth-mark on my chin, so I use concealer to cover it up and make my skin tone look more even. And it really does help. I look more "healthy" with makeup on. I know a lot of people say that women look better without make-up...but if a woman knows how to apply her make-up properly, you generally won't be able to tell. I don't know how many times I've been told that I have nice skin, when I really just have good make-up! lol

Shit woman! It's "you're"!

Make up is ridiculous to me. Enhance the good features and hide the bad...more like cherish your good features and accept the bad.

528Alice491 3

Areyou a blonde? People tell me and my sister that when we go without mascara or eyeliner, and we both have blonde eyelashes/eyebrows and light eyes. Lol don't take offense, people just look different without make up on!

FYL. You supposedly look ill without makeup and I look about 12 without it and about 14 with it. I bet you still looked fine, OP :)

alwaysrunnin 3

OP always keep your head up. Your still beautiful! If you go from a lot of makeup to none it's much different. I get the same from my mom. Don't let em bother you(:

Op, without. Makeup you have less color in you face, making you look a little more sick. People are used to seeing you with the makeup, it was just less color on your face making it seem so.

gurly98 13

Can somebody tell me why you would vote for YDI??? Is it wrong to not put makeup on?

2, exactly. OP, you would look fine but when people are use to seeing a full face of makeup and then not it does look different. Not bad. They'll eventually get use to it. It's like if you never wore makeup and decided to one day, you don't necessarily look better, just different.

crackz12 10

Girl's skin tends to look raw without makeup after the first couple days but give it a month no makeup and your skin will look great nothing sexier than a girl who doesnt need to paint her face to feel pretty.

134 - This is true. With all the chemicals in makeup, there's no way your skin can't be affected, whether it is for the better or worse. A few days or weeks (with a healthy diet and physical activity, of course), you won't look as "sick", and people will get used to your natural face again :)

TaniasaysFMLL 15

awh maybe it's because they're not used to seeing you without makeup on... or you're ugly.

TaniasaysFMLL 15

OP I am just kidding, I'm sure you're beautiful, trying wearing less makeup so you don't look so dead next time

bertman21 5


Well your first comment didn't seem like a joke

Makeup doesn't fix ugly.

114, you'd be surprised at the wonders makeup can do. Just look at hollywood celebrities without makeup.

Makeup doesn't make you prettier. It just enhances your beauty!

I don't see What's wrong with 3's comment, it's basically the truth. Either she's god awful ugly or they haven't seen her with make up, I only see it being one of the two. No need to be all butthurt because she has the cojones to spit the truth.

Sure, it can help, but it can't work miracles.

Don't worry, that's just society's way of saying "My beauty standards are screwed up".

inmate655321 3

Or of saying OP belongs in a circus... Just throwing that out there.

Could you be at least a little bit more empathetic?

Argh I accidentally thumbed down your comment. Thumbs up! Thumbs up!

It's not that, it's just that the lack of eyeliner makes your eyes look like you're ill. It happens when people get used to you with make-up on. You wouldn't look ill if you never wore make-up.

Michael_92 20

Well if you ask me that's just rude of people, even if you WERE ill.

breeY0 7

yesss, exactlyyy !

109 - I can't put my finger on it, but something about your comment irritates me to no end.

Sometimes when I want to fake sick and cut out of work early I show up with no makeup on. Yes people tell me I look sick. Worth the day off.

MoroseMoose 47

Right?! I have never understood why people think it's ok to make negative comments on somebody's appearance.

Wow thats pretty harsh well i suppose you will just have to wear makeup :(

breeY0 7

at least when you do wear make up OP you don't hear negative things ! Some people are screwed either way :(

I didn't wear makeup to school today and everyone thought I was either sick, tired, or crying...

alwaysrunnin 3

I give you props. It was hard for me to do. But it goes to show your better than them!(: keep your head up.

I feel your pain. Without makeup on me everyone tells me the same thing.

Are you sure you just didn't smother all the makeup all over your face thinking that you wiped it off?

baileygirl88 8

What the hell ?

No, there are actually idiots out there who do that. It is a feasible explanation.

KiddNYC1O 20

The hell what??

36 My ex girlfriend Is a good example lol.

In Ireland, mainly in my city, cork, we have girls who put on shocking orange type foundation but don't blend it in so about down to their chin is orange and neck onwards is freckly white lol. They are like half breed ompalumpas in mini skirts!

We get that in England, too. xD Especially Oldham ¬.¬

You deserved it for wearing make-up, you should be happy with how you look naturally.

Those two things aren't mutually exclusive.

baileygirl88 8


It seems as though no one has heard of natural beauty. My mistake.


Like the natural beauty of the woman on your profile pic?

Yeah, because wearing makeup means you hate your appearance, right?

Jokes on you, she's computer generated. #51 - No, I just don't think girls need it. They're more beautiful natural in my opinion.

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KiddNYC1O 20

Natural beauty is great but a little touch-up doesn't hurt.

49 I think they call it photoshop

jDCrackpot 7

A bit of blusher & mascara is worlds away from botox and cheek filler. Let's not play silly buggers- wearing makeup isn't not 'looking natural', wearing so much you look like a mannequin & freezing your facial muscles isn't looking natural.

So because you think girls look better without makeup, they SHOULDN'T wear it, like you said in your first comment? I didn't realise girls existed just to make you happy.

perdix 29

Evidently, she is naturally ugly. She is lucky that she is able to slather on enough make-up to not cause widespread public panic.

corabeth_09 2

Seriously it's just fine if she wants to wear make up I do too and just because she wears make up doesn't mean she isn't happy with the way she looks and people shouldn't say that! It's rude and so are you!

corabeth_09 2

Don gotta be a bitch about it!

#59 - That some nice twisting of the words there. Girls can do what they want, if they want to wear make-up I don't see any problem. The way the media has twisted and warped the image of women is disgusting and wrong. Everyday you see billboards with "perfect" women, while girls as young as 12 years old, try to reach that perfection - it makes me sick.

I don't wear make-up, but it's not really my problem if others want to. Let people do what they want to do.

alexicanaaa 7

I like how I look naturally. Make up just enhances my features a little more. :]

You have me torn on this one, SkoomaKi. I going to be on either side of the fence in this, and here's why.... While I agree that natural beauty is the best kind, I don't think makeup should go the way of the Dodo bird. I think modest amounts of makeup really highlight the beauty that is already there. Caked on makeup makes you into another person. Helenarth was being a bitch, but her point was understandable. That's all I have to say on the matter. Peace to all. 86-Good for you. Most girls should follow your example.

104 - I agree completely, moderate amount of make up is good to highlight features whereas caking it on is just going over the top.

UltimateGIRness 16

I agree.people went for thousands of years without makeup,then one day someone invented makeup and skin cancer began

110-please tell me you're not serious? And did anyone stop to think that girls who wear makeup might do it simply because it makes them feel more confident? Several girls who are happy with their natural beauty wear makeup simply because it provides an extra boost of confidence. In my experience, extra confidence makes for an extra good day. I do agree that society has a distorted view of beauty. It's called the beauty myth and I hadn't really considered makeup to be part of it but I agree with most of you. However, its mostly the "beauty is a size 0" that bothers me.

katcot99 11

Awh c'mon guys don't be mean

mhopper 13

I agree. You totally deserve it for putting too much makeup on every day. Let your skin breathe!

Can I just say that "looking ill" =/= "looking ugly"?!

Sorry, IMHO YDI. Have you thought they might be used to you with makeup? Doesn't mean you necessarily look I'll just that they see you with less blush and mascara.