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Today, my boss stopped mid-walk during a conversation about the humidity in our office, after I told him I didn't like the air conditioner on, because I'd rather not be cold and wet, and that I liked it warm and sticky. I knew then he was no longer thinking about the AC. FML
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Are you the same girl who went to Subway and said you couldn't handle 12 inches?


and the moral of the story is that it takes two people to have a dirty mind(;

Well that's what you get for telling him how you like it.

I guess just wink at him and walk off.. Ha

OP should have a better explanation

I feel like if you say "I like it warm and sticky" you don't need two minds to make it dirty.

It seems like you're leading him to think that way, op likes it dirty

Wow, what a loser, he's obviously thinking of you dunked in warm lemonade

Are you the same girl who went to Subway and said you couldn't handle 12 inches?

HowAreYouToday 34

I honestly can't think of a single person who *likes* being sticky

Is it weird I got a boner?

Im hot sticky sweet from my head to my feet.... Pour some sugar on meeeee

25 there is some weirdness involved.

So sad for you op because he's your boss.

15,18,19,24 LMAO

Hey my rugby team one state this past year too... NJ tho lol it's great to c rugby spreading in America

1 it takes one to see one

Haha ya it's pretty sweet, I just went to the USA vs Canada game, a bunch of my friends play for the USA team

Coming from iluvboobies...

I'm not the only ome who likes it warm and sticky then.

179- Heck no. Warm and sticky is the only way I like it. My bacon that is.

No kidding to the comment bout iluvboobies.. 170

Hey justhello 123 message me:)

12-pffft only twelve inches:)

yea. he reacted cause a girl said that. He may have reacted differently, but he would have even if it was a guy.

He'll make you hot and sticky all right

how would you be wet if your cold

Good question.

46 I read your about me as I am the rapist in training xD

42, it's maybe already humid. And when humid air gets cold, you get condensation :D

Great opportunity for a promotion!

holy shit, there is two of you...guys, there's two of......her...........yeaaaaa

I'm very sorry for this, but That's. What. She. Said.

That's just creepy

Just go with it!

I posted that in another fml.

thats what a man told me when i woke up next to him in a bed after i got drugged in a bar...


for what? is it my birthday!?!?!? :D

flockz strikes again!

It could be. Now I have to figure out how to get into the cake I'll jump out of....

Exactly. I see a potential raise in her future. And not just his dick.

Love that movie!

71 you look like one of those superheroes from "kickass"

#145 I don't think OPs salary is the only thing being raised :P

Lol, sucks for you

what a creepy guy.

hide yo wives, hide yo kids and hide yo husbands coz they B rapin ur body out here!

I would be slightly worried to go back to work .... defiantly fyl

She could be sucking soon.

That could be his preference in temperature. Unlikely but cpuld be lol

Stupid, or just Troll?

176- nah that's just how actors speak in our time period these days :|

Hahaha that soo funny. I would stop and widen my eyes and slowly look his way afraid. At least you didn't get in trouble or anything.

Thanks for taking us through that, step by step

at first look I thought you were hot. you're not.

Don't diss her like that. This isn't eHarmony. It's irrelevant to think she's hot or not. Besides, she's just 14...

he shoulda yelled that's what she said

He should have said, "Can you say that in a sexy voice?". :3

if she had a boss like Michael Scott, he probably did lol

A/C dries the air...

I was waiting for someone to say that..

11 is so right! The best way to dry paint faster is not opening the windows, it's to crank up the A/C. Fumes will go away faster after the paint is dry.(:

I hate it when that happens, you say one thing and it gets taken completely the wrong way!

does it say NSU to the right of the face on your profile pic?

That happens to me constantly. My guy friends all seem amazingly able to turn anything I say into something sexual, no matter what I actually mean. >:(

And I hate it when I completely take it the wrong way! Lol