By poomaster - 22/11/2010 02:33 - United States

Today, I spent an hour at work trying to make a tortoise poo. When he finally did, I was so excited and felt pretty triumphant. Then I realized that my job was to make animals drop their load. FML
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pwincessa23 1

awww. poor u. well think about it this way: @ least u have a job!

JustKeepBreathin 0

That's kind of...weird. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU EMPLOYED?!?


pwincessa23 1

awww. poor u. well think about it this way: @ least u have a job!

shitty job?

04VWR32 6


JustKeepBreathin 0

Watch OP get fired tomorrow. XD

AAShah 0

That will be OP's next FML.

DudeImBetter 0

I wonder how the heck you spent an hour trying to make a tortoise poo. Did you massage it's butt or something for an hour? think you have a crap job.

ishama13 0

Admiral Apparent fits better (:

sounds like it was the tortoise who had a shit one

So OP is a poomaster. well you could have been a baited and just got promoted to masterbaiter.

rallets 22

could be could be trying to make them "shoot" their load

noname5067 0

what I don't get is how he's being doing it that long and he only just realized that that's his job...

I see what you did there 50.

JustKeepBreathin 0

That's kind of...weird. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU EMPLOYED?!?

lol I was thinking that too!!!

Flamehog9 0

a zoo..?

I think it's funny your employed to make animals do what they will naturally do eventually

Sounds like a sh*tty job

that's what happens when u don't finish school. sux to be u.

LOLatU87 0

Well said, exactly what I was thinking

green_eyes124 0

Maybe op is going to be a vet and wanted experience working with animals? Still a horrible job though!

anything dealing with making and animal shit isn't worth it

how do u know they didn't finish school?

pwincessa23 1

24, she is obviously psychick... idgaf if it's spelled wrong!

by there job. and what?

Kneegrow, you are seventeen, and unless you dropped out, you are still in school. Shut up.

By your ASSumption they didn't finish school and by your bad grammar and spelling, I know you didn't either.

stewpididiot 11

onecutecchick .. that's being pretty judgmental, OP may have several degrees for all you know. there are also a lot of people with degrees flipping burgers and scrubbing toilets because they're not to proud to just work at whatever pays the bills.

a zoologist, biologist and veterinarian are likely to do similar things in their line of work.

Its a good thing your cute.

not even cute.. just typical

MexRomeo 0

no she not cute she's got a horse face... most peoples head is round her goes up and down like a peanut she could be pretty if her attitude wasn't so shitty!

*Their. Seems like you didn't finish school either :)

wow chill people , and btw I do find her pretty, besides mex looks like you gotta shitty attitude to match your hideousness

cokyspaniel 0

I guess you didn't finish school either...... but u could totally be a model

CantusVulpis 12

For some reason, I see this as a student in high school, or college. You know, people work while they're in school too... And if they weren't in school, sounds like a veterinarian's job, which requires a degree.

that takes the term shit job to a whole new level. lol shit job it's a pun.

well done captain obvious

hahahaha I get it now thankyou for explaining!!! hahahah

skyttlz 32

I don't get it. Just Kidding, captain Obvious!

Bcaw 0

did you eat its poo?

LOLatU87 0

Nom nom nom

omgYoUbasTards 0

what happens with said turtle poo??

that's what I'd like to know!

what job is that? like what's it called cause I've never heard of that before!

MsShayeShaye 0

Working in a zoo...

JocelynKaulitz 28

wait I don't get it, can someone help me outt?

04VWR32 6

probably works for a zoo is my guess

JocelynKaulitz 28

I get it noww thxx

04VWR32 6


Barbarossa_fml 0

she can help you get it out?

Emo_Lover 0

Dam that suck ass.

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BigEV 0

If that bothers you to the point where you're submitting an entry to this site, you should find another occupation. You should've realized what you were getting into when you accepted the job.