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  stewpididiot  |  11

onecutecchick .. that's being pretty judgmental, OP may have several degrees for all you know. there are also a lot of people with degrees flipping burgers and scrubbing toilets because they're not to proud to just work at whatever pays the bills.

  MexRomeo  |  0

no she not cute she's got a horse face... most peoples head is round her goes up and down like a peanut she could be pretty if her attitude wasn't so shitty!

  CantusVulpis  |  12

For some reason, I see this as a student in high school, or college. You know, people work while they're in school too... And if they weren't in school, sounds like a veterinarian's job, which requires a degree.

By  BigEV  |  0

If that bothers you to the point where you're submitting an entry to this site, you should find another occupation.

You should've realized what you were getting into when you accepted the job.