By La Guigne - 08/04/2013 21:10 - United Kingdom - Northampton

Today, I was in the break room with my colleagues and our awful boss. As ever, he was talking trash, convinced that his jokes were actually funny. The window was open, and it was chilly. As he walked by it, I mangled my words and said, "Cedric, could you please shut your mouth?" FML
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You can't really say you didn't mean it, though.

"And while your at it, the window too."


You can't really say you didn't mean it, though.

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I'd likely feel somewhat satisfied if I were OP. At least the truth came out. Plus, at least OP said "please".

Agreed. I would have felt quite satisfied, even if it was a mistake.

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Why the hell would you try to reenact horrible bosses?

SystemofaBlink41 27

That's a little too rough... Injure him, maybe...

Lol they should of just tried to play it off like it never happened or blame it on someone else

What's with people hiring people to kill people for them.

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Gotta be careful what you say to the boss man that's for sure!

PandaKitteh 20

Right, because mutual hatred is just great... >_>

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This is a case where u dont deserve it but HE does!!

Ooh that bites! It's alright, that happens to most of us, so hopefully he'll understand if you explained yourself well.

euphoricness 28

"Uhm... Cedric I'm sorry for what I said earlier.. It's just... It's just that you're a jackass is all" I'm sure he would understand if OP explained, too

"And while your at it, the window too."

I had to read it three times to realize that the FML was that he meant to say window....

The boss's reaction might have been the same as the cat in your picture.

Forgive me, I was so excited that I had a witty comment that grammar went right out the window. Mostly because Cedric didn't close it.

I think #49 may have just won the internet whilst only a mere one comment after a grammatical error! I have yet to see an accomplishment so incredible. I sincerely wish you best of luck in your further endeavors, such as hacking North Korea.

BradTheBrony 19

AND IT COMES FULL-CIRCLE Dude, I think you won. Just won in general. EVERYBODY PACK IT UP, GAME'S OVER! I don't care if you use a noose or a gun or whatever, but quite clearly, the entirety of human civilization was leading up to this ONE moment in time, and now that we've reached it, the human race will never top this, and we might as well just off ourselves now, spare us the pain of knowing that we have no purpose in life anymore.

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Don't worry dude, when you grow up and enter the workplace, you'll have plenty of opportunities to tell you bosses exactly what you think of them. Pro tip though: don't.

Only if you want to keep your job. The one I just quit I used to tell my bosses off all the time and for some reason they always just took it, but most likely because I would kiss up all the other times lol. Pick and choose your battles and know who you are talking too and how much they will take. If he's a dick don't push your luck!

I'm sure that attitude goes far when keeping down a job is concerned.

Well hey that makes two things that need should ask your boss to politely stop the jokes in all honesty if it actually bothers you, he should at least listen to you

agreed, as long as it's worded diplomatically OPs boss shouldn't have a problem with it. unless he's from Horrible Bosses

Freudian slips. They get you every time

Freudian slips, when you mean one thing but you say your mother.

Oh, so it is kind of like auto-condom

RedPillSucks 31

Who the hell puts a condom on their car? O.o

Tell him how you hate people that cant keep their mouths shut

Because that'll definitely save his job.