By Dave - 07/04/2011 19:55 - United States

Today, the company I work for decided to "go green" and stopped using the air conditioner to cool down the office. It is currently 81 degrees at my desk. FML
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kingtz 6

Green...the color of money...

You Americans and your weird temperature scales....


kingtz 6

Green...the color of money...

giantsfan2010 23

Exactly, they just wanted to save money on air conditioning.

you are correct, corporations are ass holes.

yeah cuz theyre no making enough money because their workers are on FML during office hours

kingtz , isn't that what Dwight says (from the office) when he was making the office building go green?

You Americans and your weird temperature scales....

mz_booty 0

I second that!! thank god we live in aus!!

Agreed! They use alcohol as a reference, while in Europe (and most of the World) we use water. I think that explains a lot...xD

i thought fahrenheit was based on the boiling point of mercury...

Catatonic, the boiling point if mercury is 674 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice try, though.

We Americans are somehow too stupid to adopt a system of measurement based on increments of 10... ******* sigh.

kinga08 0

We Americans just like to complicate things, too. I love all my science courses for the metric makes things so much easier.

Tempature and distance are the only things that are better than metric.

"They use alcohol as a reference" Huh? What does alcohol have to do with anything?

lakeybalboa 0

and they spell shit weird too

yeah I'm not sure why we never went metric. it's a true pain in the ass when half the bolts and nuts on my truck are metric and the other half are standard.

guys, they use the freezing point of salt water for 0 degrees Fahrenheit. it was considered at the time, that this was the lowest possible temperature.

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

Yeah, Americans are ******* retarded I swear to god, just flip on Fox News and realize people WATCH that shit voluntarily!

chester75 5

even if the OP did buy a fan it'll still be too hot. personally I can't stand the fan when it's hot out, it just blows around hot air.

some companies don't allow fans at your desk. I worked for a large and rather infamous insurance company and they made me get rid of my fan bc it's a fire hazard :( OP you should definitely report them for unfit working conditions

62- Unfit working conditions? It's ******* 80 degrees, thats nothing, try going to almost any southern state where it's 95+ all the ******* time.

I am not saying "unfit" because it's 80 degrees but I am saying it because the OP should get this handled before the summer because most offices do not have windows that open for safety reasons, so when it reaches the high 90's outside his office WILL BE unfit... it will be like a pressure cooker

not only that but when the AC is cut off, most of the vents go off as well. When you have more than 5 employees in a closed off area with no ventilation bacteria and viral germs will spread and the said office will become a petri dish of nasty illnesses, gross

Autoshot 9

Open some windows, crybaby.

jewjewB 0

maybe one of those small mini fans would do you some good right now...

You big crybaby. When I was in the middle east it was 130 degrees with the sun beating down on me wearing 40 pounds of gear. You're upset because your office is 80 degrees? SMDH

fuwop 0

while I must agree with you on that they have no room to complain, I will add that we who haven't been in your situation are not used to extreme heat while covered in long sleeves, pants and gear on our backs. thank you for serving our country! :)

When I was still reigning over Hell, it was about a million degrees, day in and day out. And that was in CELSIUS. But you know, I had acclimated to it, so it wasn't too bad. It sort of killed new arrivals all over again, though, but it's relative like that; not everyone has the same degree of heat tolerance.

chester75 5

I agree with sirin. i love the freezing cold and can stand temperatures in the negatives,but I can't tolerate the heat.

thank you sirin, because I cannot stand heat and people always say I'm a baby about it. I really believe evolution has a lot to do with our internal thermostats and since my genetics come from places far from the equator I cannot stand being hot.

With zero relative humidity, though!

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

Oh sirin, how would anybody ever live without your sarcasm and open indifference to just about everything?

Aadavis94 25

I'm the same way. The cold doesn't bother me but the heat kills me.

fuwop 0

that sucks! do you have any windows near? I suggest opening some. tell the head of the company not to go green. we will all die anyway. no need to cause us to suffer before it happens.

Going green is not about the people, its about the environment...

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ilovepoppa 0

Wow that sucks! Get a fan or open a window?

junoemilymae 6

maybe now that hot secretary will show up in a bikini? :P

hosson 0

u ******* pussy. 80 degrees go cry about it. where I am it's over 100 and do u hear me complaining at all? no, so stfu.