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Today, my skinny co-worker complained that sitting just underneath the AC vent was making her too cold. My boss had us switch places, because "your mass keeps you warm anyway". FML
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That's not right, your skin gets cold, resulting in your nerves being cold, resulting in that being sent to the brain, so no matter what you're going to feel cold. Your boss hates you and likes your co-worker. Sorry OP.


I mean if you're fat loose weight if you're just big he's an ass

Personally, I prefer to tight weight when I'm a little on the beefy side.

Interesting, I've never been able to "loose" weight - only lose it.

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If you've never been overweight you cannot begin to comprehend the immense battle that losing weight is. For that reason only, I forgive your stupidity.

I hope he forgives your arrogance for assuming skinny folks don't struggle with weight too. I know a few who struggle to get to a healthy weight. Another issue is that people are shamed for picking on big people, but no one feels bad for the skinny folks getting called "walking stick", "twiggy", "skinny heifer/b" and so on.

Thank you so much, #30. I am sick of trying to explain to people that I am not underweight by choice, but by an inability to gain weight! If I could be healthy, I would be. Bigger people arent the only ones who struggle and I am sick to death of being nick-named things like 'anno'.

wow your a dick who can't even spell properly

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#45 He spelled completely fine. He used the wrong form of a word. Go learn how to read properly.

#32 you are skinny by choice. I weighed 105lbs at 5"8 before I started going to the gym. Now, a year later, I am 150lbs. I used to think just like you, but it's possible with the right motivation. Same goes for overweight people. I won't judge, I'm just saying you guys can do it. And before you say I don't know what it's like and how difficult it is, I go to the gym 3+ hours a day and have to force myself to eat until I'm sick just to get enough calories. Just takes motivation.

#58, I used to go to the gym. I got up to 63 kgs (I'm 5ft10). Then I got very ill and lost 10 kgs. I can't, for the life of me, no matter how much I exercise and eat protein etc (I've spoken to personal trainers, nutritionists etc) put on weight. I have been stuck at 55 for two years now.

#59 I'm sorry to hear that, it's a shame when people have to stop lifting (whether voluntary or involuntary)

#30 yes! yes! yes! I am very skinny I cannot gain weight! why is it okay for people to tell me I need to eat more but I can't tell overweight people that they need to eat less?

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Can we all just agree that making fun is elementary behavior and that no one knows a persons battle until you've fought it yourself? Easy agreement. Everyone's happy.

Lol, #10. Who said anything about judging what she looked like? OP said that if she was fat, she should lose weight. That's the same thing your doctor would tell you. Do you get mad at your doctor? No. You assess the situation and try to move on from that point forward.

regardless that's like disrespectful and unprofessional. no one gets that comments like that hurt like a knife.

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I wish every fat person would stop being rude to skinny people! See, you can get away with labelling people such as myself.... but watch the shit storm because I dared use the term fat!!

My younger sister had surgery for her scoliosis and while she was in the hospital a team of nutritionists spent a great deal of time with my mom. The reason for this was because my sister is very small and her BMI is too low for her height. They said she was malnourished and accused my mom of not knowing how to feed/take care of her children. My brother, other sister and I are also on the small side, however we have enough muscle/fat to look like we eat. (None of us live at home anymore either so it wouldn't be my parent's "fault" anyway.) When I was in middle school I was constantly ridiculed for having no butt, no chest and "chicken legs". Tell me how that is any better then you being teased for your weight. I have a large friend whom I don't consider fat. She is not fat. She is large and she has fat, but she is beautiful. I will defend her all day everyday to anyone who dares to be an asshole. But don't tell me you wish skinny people were overweight for a day. I know it's a battle, I've seen it first hand. I've hugged her while she cried for hours about seeing no progress. But just because we don't have the same problems, it doesn't mean people aren't just as cruel to me. And their comments don't hurt any less because I'm skinny. I wish I had curves more then you know.

so true. i wish people would just accept others and not fat-shame or skinny-shame others. in the grand scheme of things, why does it matter? surely we all have better things to do in our lives

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I'm not trying to shame anyone for being skinny. I'm just saying, the uneducated things ppl say about overweight ppl just pisses me off.

yes. you'd think that i'd be the first one to strip off clothing b/c i'm bigger(not wal mart cart driving big but bigger than average but if you saw me you'd never guess how much i weigh) but i'm very anemic so when it dips below 80 degrees out come the jeans and long sleeves.

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yes indeed, as lovely as a sack of shit.

Thank you, 29, for explaining the joke. That was completely necessary.

Yes #37 it was necessary! *she says in a sarcastic tone*

That's not right, your skin gets cold, resulting in your nerves being cold, resulting in that being sent to the brain, so no matter what you're going to feel cold. Your boss hates you and likes your co-worker. Sorry OP.

I think the boss just forgot how it works and became judgemental like everyone else. I wouldn't say they hate op though.

Well if by mass he meant your (smaller) surface area to volume ratio, then I guess he isn't wrong. You would stay warm for longer. Doesn't at all change the fact that he's a complete and total rude ass though. Sorry you have a boss like that OP

Your boss is a dick, but at least he said the scientifically correct 'mass' rather than 'weight'.

Your boss couldn't have just turned the AC off?

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cause that would require some intelligence.

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Some companies require a HRs' approval before they can change the A/C.

Many office buildings have large areas covered by the same thermostat, with inevitable hot and cold spots. In many cases, turning off the air would make other people uncomfortably hot. However, sometimes they can adjust the air flow to an individual vent -- such as one that's right over a desk and makes people uncomfortably cold. And if they can't, sometimes you can tape file folders over the thing to block the flow. ;)

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That's so stupid. Having a different mass has nothing to do with what someone's limits are to feeling cold or hot.