By Anonymous
Today, I've been freezing in my office for days at work. When I finally complained about it to a coworker, she led me into my office, said, "Let me show you something," then pointed out the thermostat I'd never noticed was even there and turned it up with a pitying look. FML
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  marulicko  |  19

Oh come on! We have all experienced not seeing something that's right before our eyes! Besides, we don't know how OP's office looks or where the thermostat is located

  Likian5  |  26

I had thought "how" and "why" were implied in my comment, but oh well. I just don't understand how looking for a thermostat wasn't one of the first things OP thought of doing if they were cold. Especially if they've spent multiple days in (what I'm assuming to be) that small office.