By FML.. - 06/04/2009 19:51 - China

Today, I was going to have sex with my Hispanic boyfriend. I wanted to turn him on, so I asked my friend how to say "fuck me" in Spanish. She claimed it was 'pollo frito'. I then had sex, constantly screaming 'pollo frito' for an hour. I later realized I was screaming "fried chicken." FML
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Wow, I almost read this very wrong. I missed the "I asked my friend..." part and thought your Hispanic boyfriend was a "she"...

Maybe if your boyfriends initials were KFC?


Wow, I almost read this very wrong. I missed the "I asked my friend..." part and thought your Hispanic boyfriend was a "she"...

omg I did the same exact thing!


haha i did that to

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Exactly what I did the first time

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Me too!

Then I read it once again cause I hadn't noticed that until I saw your comment...

Maybe he just thought you have good taste in food. Fried chicken is delicious

Maybe he also thinks you are black lol

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wats the FML here? Everybody likes fried chicken.

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Well. I hope you like fried chicken, then.

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haha. That's funny. Your boyfriend must really think you love fried chicken now.

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your son, is ADORABLE.

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How can you be dating a hispanic guy and not even know the most basic spanish? Or why did it not occur to you to verify what your friend? Did you not connect pollo with poultry? frito with fried? the sheer stupidity...

i bet he got a good chuckle out of that

At least she didn't give you the Spanish for 'Dirty Sanchez' . Next time let babelfish be your friend.

Win! At least the joke was "Mostly Harmless."

Fuck me in Spanish is Jódame, at least in Spain, with the j sounding kinda like an h

Actually, it's "fóllame" with the double L pronounced as the letter 'Y' in the word "you". "Jódeme" could be translated as "fuck me over", "fuck me up" or "annoy me" while the phrase "No me jodas" means something along the lines of "Are you kidding me?"

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umm, well you could've noticed the pollo from el pollo loco, do they have those in china? Well, after you guys were done you could've went to a kfc or something and see how turned on he REALLY gets

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no they don't